LNJ goes Asia & OZ + mix

I'm saying goodbye to Europe for now. In the following months I'll be traveling through South-East-Asia, which probably means that I won't be posting as regularly or might even take some time off the blog. So apologies, in case it gets a bit more quiet on here for the next time. If I happen to... Continue Reading →

Mix: Spring is my favorite season

It's been a while since I last shared a mix of my own. The monthly mixes concept didn't really work out for various reasons. And after playing around with different genres, I just created another set that is very similar to the September exotic mix. Some groovy, exotic, rhythmic sounds that are great for having... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: November

November was dark, grey and cold. And also quite a while ago. I've been having troubles with recording again so it took me a while to finish this one. The quality isn't great but it'll have to do. Anyway, I listened to a lot of techno and ambient in November. So this slower, darker ambient... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: October

For October I put together this deep house mix. This version is actually the first test recording that I did, so it's not perfect, but I didn't want to postpone the upload any further. I really struggled this month with coming up with a mix and tried out so many different sounds. Now it's finally... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: September

Summer's slowly but surely coming to an end and I miss it already. September was still hot and filled with many exotic sounds though. This month's mix is quite fun with some oriental and tribal influences. I really enjoyed creating it and I hope you enjoy listening to it. You can find the tracklist below.... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: August

It's finally happening: I'm putting up monthly mixes of some of my favorite music that I've been listening to each month. Please excuse that the quality of the recording isn't the best, since I still have trouble with recording. And also I just started getting into DJing a while ago and it's still an ongoing... Continue Reading →

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