LNJ goes Asia & OZ + mix

I'm saying goodbye to Europe for now. In the following months I'll be traveling through South-East-Asia, which probably means that I won't be posting as regularly or might even take some time off the blog. So apologies, in case it gets a bit more quiet on here for the next time. If I happen to... Continue Reading →

Mix: Spring is my favorite season

It's been a while since I last shared a mix of my own. The monthly mixes concept didn't really work out for various reasons. And after playing around with different genres, I just created another set that is very similar to the September exotic mix. Some groovy, exotic, rhythmic sounds that are great for having... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: November

November was dark, grey and cold. And also quite a while ago. I've been having troubles with recording again so it took me a while to finish this one. The quality isn't great but it'll have to do. Anyway, I listened to a lot of techno and ambient in November. So this slower, darker ambient... Continue Reading →

Club review: Why Sisyphos still is a solid club

Sisyphos certainly is not a hidden name on Berlin's techno landscape. Closely situated to Berlin Ostkreuz, the club attracts thousands of techno tourists throughout the whole year – but it still manages to be popular with the locals as well. Sisyphos actually used to be my favorite club in Berlin, that I visited regularly whenever... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Boiler Room Sets I

There's rarely a day passing by that I'm not watching one of many, many Boiler Room sets online. I'm sure that pretty much anyone who is interested in house, techno or any electronic music has heard of Boiler Room. Although the crowd can be quite douchey sometimes, the quality of the music is always high... Continue Reading →

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