Fresh Jams: Four Tet “Sixteen Oceans”

Four Tet, possibly one of the best producers of our time, has freshly released his new studio album “Sixteen Oceans”. It is a compilation of sixteen finely produced tracks, while five of them can be considered shorter, instrumental interludes. Four Tet tends to deeply connect to the listener through his work and the emotional depth of his productions. And this album is again a testament to the healing power of music, as it can take you on a peaceful, one hour-long journey that will sooth and ease your mind.

“School” is the opener of the album and hands-down one of my favourite tracks on Sixteen Oceans. It is a very typical Four Tet track with a dreamy, beautiful melody, and this instantly recognisable Four Tet broken beat, which gives his tracks a driving, groovy energy. The mood is somewhere between bliss and melancholy – sad and soothing at the same time.

Four Tet likes to frequently sample pop songs for his productions. For the second track on the album “Baby” he uses a sample of an Ellie Goulding song. As most tracks on the album, it is peaceful and soothing, but yet groovy. A subtle banger, so to say.

“Romantics” is another one of my favourites on the album. Again, an incredibly beautiful, peaceful and almost zen harpsichord melody that leads over to the sample, as the track slowly unfolds more and more of its layers.

Compared to the other productions on the album “Love Salad” has a more heavy, dragging and dull energy in the beginning. But still, there is something peaceful and hopeful about this one too. Midway through the track, almost trance like elements start to intervene with this slow energy, which lets the track end on a more energetic and blissful note.

Sixteen Oceans is filled with heavenly melodies, nature sounds and dreamy samples, while the dance floor energy remains limited. Four Tet’s sound is so characteristic and distinctive and yet, you can find something new and interesting in these tracks. Those who expected Four Tet to expand his sound in completely new ways might be disappointed though, since it is overall not too different from his previous album “New Energy” from 2017, which was made of rather downtempo, soothing and melancholic productions. However, these new tracks also have an immense power to ease your mind and remind you that life is indeed beautiful.

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