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The past two months spent in Melbourne have been filled with lots of good nights-out, amazing tunes and the discovery of heaps new artists and venues. So I am more than ready to hit you up again with some of my latest favourites in electronic music.

Favourite tunes:

Pure 80s nostalgia: “Broken Heart” is a synthwave track produced by David Jackson that uses a sample of the 90s classic “Only love can break your heart” by Saint Etienne. Gerd Janson played it as his first track in his latest boiler room, which definitely speaks for itself.

I remember this track playing at the legendary Shanti Celeste, Peach, Saoirse and Moxie b2b2b2b at Strawberry Fields, and it suited the euphoric mood and positive vibes so well. “High” by Hyper Go Go comes straight from the early 90s and is simply a glorious rave classic that will never be outdated.

English producer and DJ Dan Shake made his release debut on Denis Sulta’s label in 2019 with this one. “Daisy’s Dance” is a super euphoric, discoy and groovy banger that certainly gets every single person to the dance floor.

I quite enjoyed listening to garage the past few months. This speedy version of Instinct’s “Pistolwhip” is fire hot UK garage that got played a few times at Strawberry Fields by Leon Vynehall and others.

Kornél Kovács played “Maybe” by Interplanetary Criminal in his Glamorama set and of course I had to Shazam it. This one has a super filthy bassline and garage vibes all over it.

Tekkla is a producer- and DJ-duo from Stockholm that focuses on vibey house music. Their track “Love Vibration” was released on the label in 2018 and is a very chill downbeat house track that will get you dreaming of a long, sunny day at the beach.

One of my absolute favourite techno producers, Luigi Tozzi, just released two new tracks on his Non Series EP with artist Pris. “Automa” and “Satyr” are both incredibly powerful and hypnotising deep techno tracks, that feel like they speak to a different part of your brain and also instantly take me back to his mesmerising live-b2b with Feral back in 2019 in Prague.

Favourite sets:

One of my absolute favourite sets of the past few months is this live-recording of Greetings‘ vinyl-only set at Xe54. Greetings is a local DJ and producer from Melbourne whose sound lies somewhere between Italo Disco, 80s synth pop and 90s house. In this particular recording however he explores the depths of house music and takes us on a smooth, cozy ride through his fine vinyl selection.

Organizovaný Plevel is a young music and event collective from Prague. With their first b2b session from their artists Epoché and Zeek, they just launched their new podcast series. Before you even know it, you will find yourself already drawn into a deep spiral of hypnotic techno that remains a perfect level of intensity throughout the whole mix.

This mix comes from Raskolnikov TB who is a member of the dutch party collective Temple Groningen. If you are into minimal and smooth, sweet tunes paired with a consistent groove, this one might be for you. Let him take you on a pleasant, effortless and dreamy journey.

Prague DJ and producer Alfred Czital just made his debut on the Sure Thing podcast series. This mix sticks out with the unique patience and carefulness that he slowly reveals layer after layer of a beautiful compilation of earthy, tribal deep techno, filled with lots of rhythmic and percussive sounds. This mix also includes unreleased material from his label Harmony Records.

Favourite Boiler room:

Kornél Kovács’ Boiler rooms are pretty much always a guarantee for great vibes, a happy dancing crowd and a banging selection. With every set he puts out, he is able to maintain his spot on my list of favourite DJs. If you aren’t familiar with his groovy sound and effortless mixing style yet, this would be a good starting point.

Favourite night out:

It’s been great fun to rediscover Melbourne’s night life and party scene over the past few months. My favourite sets have probably been Leon Vynehall’s killer performance at Revolver and Anthony Linell’s hypnotic techno at Sub Club. Also I just updated my Melbourne club guide for you. Check it out, if you are on the lookout for new venues to visit.

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