Event: Beats in Space 20th Anniversary, Melbourne Australia

The Melbourne event collective and label Animals Dancing teamed up with the New York radio show and record label Beats in Space to host a day party in honour of the 20th BIS anniversary. The event was held in a unique setting at Fairfield amphitheatre, and featured performances from local artists such as Andras as well as Beats in Space founder Tim Sweeney himself.

Animals Dancing is a local record label and event collective that has been hosting popular parties in Melbourne for more than ten years. Yesterday, they put together a day party for the 20th anniversary of the well-known label Beats in Space. And what do you need for a good day party? Not much more than just a nice location, ideally in nature, a good sound system, a line-up that delivers day-time appropriate tunes and of course a crowd that is willing to dance on a Saturday afternoon. Animals Dancing made sure to cover all that. For the venue they chose the Fairfield amphitheatre that is surrounded by lush greenery and a great location for a rave. As for the crowd, Animals Dancing events tend to attract a diverse and mature crowd with good taste that loves to boogie. And since the event was completely sold out, the ranks of the theatre were filled with people in the early evening already. At the end of Tim Sweeney’s first set, the party was still very relaxed and the dance floor completely empty. Local artist Sui Zhen followed with a down tempo, ambient live set and echoey vocals that fit the mood perfectly. Slowly, a few people started to come to the dance floor.

Melbourne DJ and producer Andras then completely transformed the event from a chill concert into a big party within minutes. With just his first track he already got the theatre stage completely filled with dancing people. As also the sky cleared up a bit and more and more people went down the theatre steps to dance, the event had finally reached the energy level of a proper day party. Andras played an interesting selection of early, trashy 2000s house that felt quite nostalgic at times. Some tracks might not have been to everybody’s taste but the crowd was willing to go with whatever he played and it was a great set for a day rave.

Tim Sweeney was in charge of closing the party and played a flawless one-hour set that alternated between disco house and tribal percussions with a little bit of early 2000s vibe thrown in there as well. He got the whole crowd cheering when he dropped the the Stone Roses classic “Fools Gold”. His set list also included an early track from the Animals Dancing label and two Andras productions. Overall an absolutely fantastic selection combined with on point mixing. The party came to an euphoric end at 9pm already. It was amazing to see a rather quiet event that was more like a concert in the beginning turn into such a nice day rave with a bush doof like energy.

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