Event: Greetings at New Guernica, Melbourne Australia

A venue that his been on the top of my list of places to check out in Melbourne is New Guernica. Apparently Thursday night is the best time to go. And again, it was also a great opportunity to check out more local artists such as Greetings and Big-Mac.

New Guernica is an underground night venue located in Melbourne’s CBD. They host events every night from Thursday to Saturday each week. The genres of each night can be quite varied. One night it can be drum n bass and dubstep on the menu, and then another night it might be rough techno, or like Thursday night, euphoric house and disco. It is also one of the most interesting club layouts I’ve seen so far in Melbourne and reminded me a little bit of clubs in Berlin with all its corners, seperate rooms and hiding places. You have a small bar area downstairs that closes around midnight and then further upstairs is where the actual club is. There is the main dance floor that doesn’t take too many dancing people to fill it. The second floor is literally a small room that looks like a kitchen. It is definitely an interesting concept overall. And when it comes to the sound system, it is one of the better ones in Melbourne.

Opening the night was local DJ Big-Mac who’s also a resident at New Guernica and a promoter of the event. He played a really nice, groovy selection of house music and a bit of Italo. The main slot was reserved for Melbourne house DJ and producer Greetings who is a regular at the New Guernica Thursday night parties. His set was a wavey ride through different eras and genres that blended in together nicely. Annoyingly, it was a rather young crowd that hadn’t necessarily come to appreciate this fine selection of music. When Greetings started playing more classic house half way through his set though, it got everyone really excited and brought a lot of energy to the previously messy dance floor. Since he continued with a few bangers in a row, he kept the crowd engaged and it felt like he had gotten the party properly started. As soon as he took the energy down again though, the floor started to empty a bit. It felt like most of them were lacking patience and appreciation for this kind of a set and just wanted the big, fist-pumping bangers.

In the meantime, the small kitchen dance floor was packed to the fullest, while banging tech house music was playing. Still, also this floor seemed a bit unfocused and was lacking the rave energy that I would expect with this kind of music. New Guernica does seem like an interesting venue, but one that you would want to visit on the right night. I wasn’t too happy with the crowd that night, but at least the music was definitely high-quality.

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