Favourite Jams in 2019

2019 is already over and I had a little flick through my music collection to bring you some of my favourites from last year. Here we go.

Favourite tunes:

Some might find this track a bit cheesy, but personally it always sends me back to all these powerful, glorious moments at Heideglühen or any other sunny day rave. “Maybe” by Kettenkarussell has such a beautiful nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere, it just has to be on my favourites list.

I love my smooth, good-vibes house tracks. “Soft Moon” by CoastDream has been played by myself a lot in 2019. It simply gets me dreaming and in a good mood.

Speaking of dreamy, smooth house tracks, “In Sun (At One)” by Ishmael is definitely another 2019 favourite worth listing.

“Muscle” by Ovend is an effortless, dubby and groovy track that I’ve been replaying and replaying throughout the past months.

Favourite sets:

I don’t even know how many times I’ve played this set in 2019, but it certainly deserves a spot on this list. It’s a recording of Yan‘s Shotgun festival set that includes a lot of fast-paced, dubby techno and trance. I just love the upbeat and progressive energy of it.

Luckily, I got to see one of my absolute favourite techno artists Fleika play again earlier this year in Prague. This is a recording from one of his opening sets at Ankali and is a great example of how easily he can create a powerful storyline and take you along on a hypnotic journey.

Favourite Boiler Room:

Gerd Janson’s Boiler Room from Belgium is one of my absolute favourite sets of the year. He’s one of the best selectors out there and this set is simply made of bangers.

Seeing Shanti Celeste’s B2B2B2B with Peach, Saoirse and Moxie at Strawberry Fields was another highlight of 2019. She’s also absolutely killing it at this Boiler Room set from Bass Coat Festival. As always, the coolest selection and smoothest mixing.

Favourite releases:

One of my favourite new releases in 2019 is Jamida‘s latest EP “Isle of Mull” on Harmony records. All five of the deep techno tracks possess such a mystical atmosphere and nice grove.

Kornél Kovács‘ latest release “Stockholm Marathon” in 2019 was highly anticipated by myself and did not disappoint. There is only a couple of club appropriate, banging house tracks on the album, while the rest of the tracks sound dreamy, nostalgic and pop-influenced.

Local artists:

One new artist I came across this year is Velvet from Russia. He’s a resident DJ at Stackenschneider in St. Petersburg and last spring I got to see him play at Berlin’s Heidegluehen. He has one of the best classic house record collection and certainly knows how to mix them together perfectly.

Eden Highway is a techno DJ and producer from Seoul, South Korea and resident of the former techno club Ain. I was fortunate enough to catch him open at Seoul’s vurt one night. You could describe his sound as atmospheric, dubby techno.

HCY is another techno DJ from Korea who also used to be a resident at Ain club. His sets are so incredibly dark and raw that they actually remind me a lot of the Berghain sound.

Epoché is a young DJ from Prague who focuses on deep, hypnotic techno. Most of his sets tend to be quite heavy and atmospheric, but whatever sound he experiments with, he always creates a powerful, fluid storyline in his sets that evoke something in the listener.

Roobarb is a young producer from England that I met on my Asia travels. All of his productions already possess such a dreamy and unique atmosphere. Some of his tracks have been on replay a lot the last year.

Favourite Nights out:

The Harmony x Hypnus night in Prague earlier this year was certainly one to remember. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. The most mesmerising and powerful techno night I’ve ever had with four incredible live performances.

Also I had plenty of good nights out in Asia. Seeing Blawan at Faust in Seoul was definitely a highlight, as well as Giorgio Gigli in Tokyo. Another highlight of 2019 was Strawberry Fields, which was my first time at an Australian festival.

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