Event: Boxing Day Party at Revolver, Melbourne Australia

Revolver Upstairs is usually my favourite venue in Melbourne for electronic music. So far I had only been to the Sunday night raves which are supposed to be the best anyway. Still, going to Revs on Christmas to see one of Melbourne’s most popular house DJs Luke Vecchio seemed like a great idea. Well, it ended up being my most disappointing night out in 2019 and I witnessed how an absolutely annoying crowd can ruin decent music.

There are a lot of different factors that make a good party. Music is probably the most important and the crowd might come second. And both of these factors also influence each other of course. The crowd at last night’s Boxing Day event at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne was not what I had expected and what I am used to these days. Revs usually has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere on Sundays and I’ve always felt super comfortable there. Last night however, the crowd seemed to be way younger than usual but also there were a lot of big guy groups which can be harmful to the atmosphere. Basically, it felt like it was just a bunch of people who had randomly stumbled into Revs after their Christmas dinners and weren’t really into this kind of music usually, little did they know anything about rave culture.

Despite the crowd, seeing Jon Jones’ set at the stage floor felt like a promising start to the night. While not that many people were dancing yet, I really loved his selection and the grooviness of his set. It was similar to the Revs sound I am used to, just a bit more housey and with a sprinkle of acid in it. In my opinion it felt like the music wasn’t appreciated enough by the crowd. Sadly, it was the same scenario at the other stage, also after Luke Vecchio, Finn OD and Javi Morley had already started their B2B2B. The cage stage usually has such a powerful energy and rave atmosphere, that I kept missing all of last night. It felt super stressful to be dancing there as well, as people were just constantly pushing through. The music was still a bit too quiet and people weren’t focused enough on dancing and the music. That made it really hard for me to get into the set and at that point even the music felt a bit off. At least the stage floor was less hectic. Bex‘ set, who had taken over in the meantime, was actually solid. In my opinion she played it a bit too safe though, so there was no reason to stay any longer.

Overall, last night’s crowd made it really difficult to get into the zone and enjoy the music that was actually decent. I will stick with my usual Sunday Revs sessions in the future and not bother going at any other night. And I can’t wait to see Luke Vecchio play in a better setting.

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