Event: Sunday daytime party at the Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne Australia

I’m a huge fan of daytime parties in general, especially the ones on Sunday. There is just something unique about raving during the day and going to sleep at night. So I was very excited to hear that daytime parties have become a thing here in Melbourne as well. It might not be on the same level as Berlin yet, but there are some options every week if you fancy a little daytime rave. Last Sunday, the Gasometer Hotel hosted a sunny day party with a long list of some of Melbourne’s finest local house DJs.

The Gasometer Hotel is a summer venue located in Collingwood in Melbourne that hosts weekly concerts and DJ events. When you walk inside, there is a big bar area and in the back is where the party is happening. During the day, the roof over the dance floor is open and the sun light can come through. You can also go further up to a balcony that looks over the dance floor and take some steep stairs even further up to more sitting areas. The whole layout, crowd and daytime vibe actually reminded me a tiny little bit of my favourite club Heidegluehen in Berlin.

When I got there at around 6pm, the place wasn’t too busy yet but there was a fair amount of people dancing and it was definitely a good crowd for a Sunday evening. Throughout the whole party it had a really chill vibe with a friendly and hip crowd. There were a few moments when it got noticeably emptier again but from around nine at night, it stayed nicely packed until the very end. The sound of the day was house and disco. Sadly, the sound system didn’t do the music any justice. It was not very nuanced and kind of unpleasantly too loud. It would definitely make the whole party a lot better if the sound system was of higher quality. Generally, the music seemed to be more in the background of the party. People were still dancing by the DJ, but it wasn’t as focused on the music and much more about talking to people, socialising and having a good time.

It was a great opportunity though to catch so many local artists in one day. My favourite set might have been by Furious Frank, he heated up the party a bit more towards the second half of his set. And then I also quite enjoyed the following set by Darcy Justice who presented a very nice selection. The night ended with the popular Melbourne duo Otologic who still had a lot of people dancing in front of them until the very end of the party at 1am. The vibes might not even come remotely close to Heidegluehen, but there were a few special, euphoric moments when everyone was cheering. Overall, the Gasometer Hotel seems to be one of these places where you walk out at the end of the night and have made lots of new friends. I’m definitely looking forward to more sunny, housey day time parties there.

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