Event: Anthony Linell at Sub Club, Melbourne Australia

Sub Club is a venue in Melbourne that I’ve been very keen to check out, as I heard it’s the best place in town for techno events. And Friday night’s party seemed like the perfect occasion, since techno DJ and producer Anthony Linell, also knows as Abdulla Rashim, had come all the way from Sweden to bless us with some deep, hypnotic techno. He has just released his new EP “Core Field Horizon” which is filled with four super powerful techno tracks. Again, that is not a sound you’ll find on every corner here in Australia, so I was curious to see how he would perform and how the crowd would react.

Sub Club is an underground music venue located in a dodgy side alley in Melbourne’s CBD and actually has one of the best line-ups in town each week. You have to go down a couple of cellar steps until you reach the actual space – so the perfect techno set-up. It might not be the most spectacular, stylish club but it genuinely felt like an open-minded, alternative space that welcomes everyone to enjoy techno together. I found the staff and the crowd to be quite friendly and felt comfortable there instantly. The sound system seemed to be very powerful as well.

The dance floor was pitch black and not too packed when I got there after 12. The local acts Different Shades and The Sphere were already playing their b2b set, which had a nice dynamic and progressive energy. As the place got more crowded, their set got more intense, which perfectly lead up to Anthony Linell‘s performance. When he started with his incredibly powerful first track, he straight away took us with him on his journey and I was instantly hooked. We were in for a three hour ride through the best deep, dark, hypnotic techno, that felt intense and gentle at the same time. It was so easy to lose yourself in the set and effortlessly keep moving. I was completely in the zone throughout the whole set and the seamless mixing made it really easy to get back into it each time. He really took us along from the very first second until the very end of his set. Wherever he lead the set, the crowd followed. Until in the end, he slowly, carefully let us go again. The following set was weirdly absolute hardcore techno which was a total buzz kill after such a brilliant, flawless set. Still, it was a really good night with a good crowd and very high-quality techno which is rather rare in Melbourne. It felt like a real privilege to be enjoying such fine deep techno, a sound that I’ve really been missing around here.

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