Event: Local techno night at Radar, Melbourne Australia

Techno is not something you come across that frequently in Australia. At least that had been my experience so far. However, there definitely is a small techno scene here in Melbourne and I was very curious to check out some of the local techno artists, as well as the night venue called Radar.

Radar is another one of Melbourne’s night clubs that just opened this year. It is situated in the CBD and hosts weekly DJ events, some of them including big names from the electronic music scene such as Octo Octa, Eris Drew and the Egyptian Lover, but also many local artists. The venue definitely has the typical underground atmosphere with its industrial look and minimalist lightings. It’s generally a nicely open space with a good layout and welcoming atmosphere. The dance floor is at the center of it all, while there is also a big balcony for sitting outside and lots of comfy leather couches spread across the place. Plus, the sound system seems to be pretty decent which is not something I take for granted here in Melbourne.

When I arrived there last night at around 1.30am, the place was sadly quite dead. Only a few people were dancing wildly by the DJ booth. The Melbourne duo Concealed were just finishing their set. Although I didn’t see much of it, I really liked their hypnotic, intense sound. Fergus Sweetland, another local artist from Melbourne’s techno scene, followed with super high-energy and up-beat techno. To be honest, I had hoped for a more subtle deep techno sound that night. And personally, I found he had picked up the energy too quickly and had rushed off without the small crowd. Then again, it is very hard to really build a connection with the crowd, when there’s only a few people dancing. People still seemed to have a good time, as they were dancing hard and jumping around. Sadly, I didn’t stay for Melbourne techno producer JXTPS‘ live set, which was the set I actually really wanted to see.

Overall, the quality in music was good and I’m curious to discover more of Melbourne’s techno scene. Also Radar seems like a solid night club that could be really good on a busier night with a bigger crowd. I’m looking forward to coming back and checking it out again.

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