Event: Leon Vynehall at Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne Australia

Revolver Upstairs, or Revs how people call it, used to be my favourite night club in Melbourne two years ago. Especially the Sunday to Monday parties had the genuine rave atmosphere I was missing back then. Seeing Leon Vynehall and Andras play there seemed like the perfect opportunity to go back. And after last night, Revs is still my number one club in Melbourne while Vynehall blew me away with his killer set.

Revolver Upstairs is a bar and night club located in Melbourne’s south. It’s one of the city’s rare places that actually stays open throughout the whole weekend and also on most weekday nights. Plus, it has one of the best sound systems and the highest quality in music in town. It’s pretty much the closest you can get to the Berlin nightlife in the Southern Hemisphere. There are two floors: the cage, which is literally a DJ booth inside a cage in a room with couches and tables. You could consider this the main floor. Then there is the second floor called the stage. It’s a slightly bigger dance floor and the DJ is up on a stage instead of down with the crowd. Revs always has this welcoming, friendly atmosphere and a diverse crowd that really came to party and actually dance.

When I arrived there last Sunday night before 1am, Revs was already packed to the max and Andras was playing in the cage. I had been excited to see his set and liked the sound of it so far. Sadly, the volume was so low though, that it was hard to hear and actually enjoy the set through all the talking of the people. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed Bertie’s set at the second floor. It was a beautiful mix of house and disco and she had a big crowd dancing.

I often find that DJs can have a tendency to adapt their sound to the venue they are playing at. That also seemed to be the case last night with Vynehall’s set. Revs usually has a really cool, groovy deep house/tech house sound. And Vynehall ended up playing a highly energetic, more fast-paced, bouncy techno set. He delivered the consistency and constantly rising excitement level that the Revs crowd loves and kept us dancing for hours. To make it even better, he threw in some dub/garage bangers with filthy basslines. It was an excellent selection that was perfect for the venue and occasion, paired with flawless, confident mixing. I loved every second of it. Safe to say he absolutely killed his Revs debut.

The place was well crowded ’til the very end of his set at 5am. Resident T-Rek had the honor of closing the party and continued with the typical Revs tech house sound that couldn’t keep me dancing at this point though. Still, it had been such a good night with a lovely, fun crowd and the finest music.

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