Event: Kornél Kovács at Glamorama, Melbourne Australia

Since I had only seen a peak of Kornél Kovács’ performance at Strawberry Fields the previous weekend, I jumped on the opportunity to see him play again last night in Melbourne. At Glamorama bar he delivered a fun and very danceable 3 hour set that proved again that he’s not only an excellent producer but also knows how to entertain a crowd.

Glamorama is a night venue located at Melbourne’s famous Brunswick street in Fitzroy alongside other bars and restaurants. It is a hybrid between a bar and a club where you can have some drinks with your friends in one of the sitting booths and run to the dance floor for a solid boogie in between. I’m not usually the biggest fan of this concept, since the dance floor can stay rather empty at most of these places. Last night however everyone had clearly come to see Kovács play and the place was absolutely packed.

Warming up the dance floor was DJ 906 and he managed to get the crowd very excited for the upcoming performance with his smooth house set. By 1am, everyone was eagerly waiting for Kornél Kovács to begin. He started his three hour set with a big tune, while people were squeezed around the decks, cheering and dancing. From start to finish he played mostly fun and groovy tracks that kept you continuously dancing. And of course he dropped some Studio Barnhus material like Baba Stiltz, Off the Meds and Your Planet is Next. One of the last tracks he played was the Paradise Valley version of his track “Marathon”. Towards the end of his set, he also played quite a few remixes of recent pop songs.

Kovács is definitely someone who stands out with his unique selection and great taste in music, but also his DJ skills are clearly on a high level. There is a playfulness and effortlessness to his mixing that makes it so fun and entertaining to watch. The crowd was loving it and everyone had a good boogie.

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