Event: KiNK (live) at Circus, Osaka Japan

Circus is Osaka’s biggest and most popular underground venue. Every weekend they host events with well-known names. Last night, it was KiNK’s turn to heat up the dance floor with one of his legendary live-sets. This was my first time seeing KiNK perform live and well, it was fun.

Circus is located in Osaka’s probably coolest area America Mura. Itbasically one big, long room with a DJ booth on one end, a bar on the side and a small lounge on the other end. As always in Japan, the soundsystem is really good. It definitely has a chill and welcoming atmosphere and feels like people just come here to have a good time.

By the time I got there, the party was already fully going and I had sadly missed the very beginning of KiNK’s live-set. The place wasn’t fully packed but it was a busy night. People seemed to be in a super good mood, dancing, cheering and jumping up and down. As was KiNK, who seemed to be enjoying his performance a lot and was just having fun playing around with all his equipment. His joy transferred to the audience and vice versa. At some point, he even let people join in his performance and let them push some buttons. It was incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. The music itself was also very high-energy and danceable. Peak of the night was when he played his recently released track “RAW”. Overall, the two hour set had a nice structure and dynamic to it. I found KiNK’s performance refreshing, as he seemed to not take himself too seriously and has a more playful and imperfect approach to creativity.

It’s not the easiest task for a DJ to follow after a live-set. The Japanese DJ Kaoru Inoue was in charge of keeping people entertained and dancing, when they had obviously mainly come to see KiNK. So he continued with a very similar sound and level of energy, as the first few tracks determine whether people stay longer or leave. After the live-set the mood had changed though, and the floor slowly emptied quite a bit. Still, it was a good set with a nice selection and there’s nothing really to criticise about it.

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