Event: Gonno at Compufunk Records, Osaka Japan

Since Tokyo’s nightlife had been so impressive and interesting, I was also curious about the music scene in Japan’s third-largest city Osaka. Compared to Tokyo, it’s definitely not as easy to find good events here and there is generally less going on. However, there are some techno clubs here. I chose the most underground option and went to a club night at Compufunk Records. For last night they had invited Japanese DJ and producer Gonno who has also released on Ostgut Ton and has already become an internationally known name.

Compufunk Records is a recordshop by day and regularly hosts club events with familiar names and local artists on the weekends. The events are held right in the store space, with a DJ booth and solid sound system in the corner and a small dance floor. It’s a cozy place with a friendly atmosphere and generally it felt more like a party in someone’s living room than an actual club. There was a rather small crowd last night but good vibes with lots of people dancing enthusiastically.

The local support DJs DNT and DJ Compufunk did a good job and presented a really nice selection of fine house vinyl. The sound of the night was definitely groovy, funky and very danceable. Gonno also played incredibly groovy house with a hint of soul and acid and on-point transitions. It’s rather rare that you come across some good house music in Asia, so I highly appreciated last night’s tracks. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Compufunk is definitely a good place for house and techno lovers to enjoy some fine music far from the mainstream with a welcoming atmosphere.

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