Event: Blawan at Faust, Seoul South Korea

Seoul not only offers a lot of talented local artists, but also has heaps of internationally known DJs come to play. Last night, there were actually a couple of good events to chose from. I decided to see Blawan at Faust, an artist I’ve been following for years but haven’t seen play since 2016. With him being quite popular, I was also hoping for a busier night.

I actually started my Saturday night at Beton Brut: Concrete Bar, a cozy, stylish venue in the busy streets of Itaewon. Here you can enjoy a chill drink before heading to a bigger club or stay there and appreciate the good DJs playing and have a little boogie. I was lucky last night to catch a very fine house vinyl selection there. Although I really liked the atmosphere at this bar and enjoyed the music, I made my way further down the street to Faust, one of the big underground clubs in Seoul.

When I arrived at Faust, Blawan had already started his set at the main floor. I could hear the banging techno on the second floor as well, that was played with more chill house music. Quite a lot of people had come to see Blawan play. It was a cool, mixed crowd and I also spotted quite a few Western people there. What’s also interesting about South Korea’s underground scene is that it is way less male dominated compared to the European scene.

Although I had sadly missed the beginning of his set, it didn’t even take me a minute to get into it since it was so energetic. The floor was packed with people dancing and was lit by intense strobe light. I was positively surprised with the amount of energy on that floor. People were cheering and everyone seemed super into it. Blawan played his usual fast-paced, rough, high-energy techno. I always admire DJs that can keep the energy of their set so consistently and extremely high without it getting too intense or boring. And whenever he picked up the energy even more, the crowd was with him. I was totally sucked in by his set as well and couldn’t stop moving. Blawan is an absolute beast on the decks, not to mention, that he is also a total vinyl master. When he ended his 3-hour set, the floor was still filled with people but it quickly emptied after the next DJ took over, even though he continued with a similar sound and energy.

This was definitely my best night out in Asia so far and I’m glad I got to see Blawan in action again. And it’s so great to see that also in South Korea people really appreciate and enjoy a good techno night.

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