Current & Past Favourite Jams

Since presenting you my current favorite mixes, a couple of months have passed already. Whilst traveling, I sadly haven’t been spending much time on digging and collecting music. Still, I wanted to show you some of my musical favorites that have piled up over the past few months. Enjoy.

Favorite tunes:

At the end of August, the Harmony Rec. label released a new EP by the artist Jamida called “Isle of Mull”. The release was highly anticipated by myself and the five tracks have been on replay since. It’s tough for me to pick only one favorite, “Isle of Mull” is definitely one of them though, because of its mysterious and atmospheric sound. Another highlight is Luigi Tozzi’s remix of “Wad II”. Give the whole EP a listen!

Another great track I came across is Yagya’s “Stomur Fimm (Vinyl Version)”. Powerful and trippy dark techno from Iceland. Actually the whole album is great, so I’ll keep an eye on him.

Primal Code’s latest release “Caimano Tribe” from the eponymous EP on Hypnus Records is a masterpiece of dark techno with tribal and shamanic elements – a sound I absolutely love. And also the rest of the tracks have an intriguing, mysterious and atmospheric sound.

Recently, I’ve been loving some of the old-school trance from the 90s. “Meet her at the love parade” by Da Hool is definitely a gem from back in the days and I can imagine it heating up a lot of dancefloors nowadays too.

I’m a big fan of the Swedish house scene. And this release by the Scandinavian label Lima Express is no exception. I discovered “Tåglek” by Conformal a while ago, but just recently came across it again. This is the house I love: peaceful, dreamy and beautifully produced.

One of my favorite producers Project Pablo has just released a new EP called “Software” filled with four beautiful tracks. “Dead Channel” captured my attention the most. The vibe is calm and dreamy, while the slightly jarring melody breaks off in some parts, still it all sounds perfectly harmonious.

Favorite sets:

One of the sets I’ve been listening to is by techno artist Dycide. This one is an hour of sublime, hypnotising deep techno that will soothe your mind and drift through your body, while never getting too intense.

This podcast contribution by Thor has definitely been one of my favorite recent discoveries. I would categorise the sound as groovy dub techno and I just overall love the whole vibe of the set. Great energy and great mixing.

Another great dub techno set I highly recommend listening to is by Epoché. It’s a really nice track selection and also well mixed, which creates this effortless, groovy flow and makes it really easy to listen to. This set is less heavy and deep than his usual sound, but still trippy.

Favorite Boiler Room:

There’s no doubt about it: Gerd Janson’s latest Boiler Room from Belgium is one of my absolute favorite sets of the year. It was released a couple of months ago and in case you haven’t watched it yet you definitely should. As always, his track selection is outstanding, including a lot of unreleased material and bangers only. Paired with absolutely perfect mixing and on-point transitions. I’ve rarely seen another Boiler Room with such a good vibe.

Favorite night out:

Unfortunately, there haven’t been that many good nights out in Asia for me so far. Checking out the popular night club Savage in Hanoi has certainly been my best so far. Especially the night with Wata Igarashi was a good one, since it was a busier night and he’s a master on the decks. You can read my full review here.

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