Event: Anh Vy & Barry Sunset at Savage, Hanoi Vietnam

Vietnam’s music scene is definitely more vibrant and has more to offer compared to other Southeast-Asian countries. You can easily find a good night club in its big cities, and even in the smaller touristy destinations you can come across some techno. One of the biggest and most popular venues is Savage in the buzzing capital Hanoi. Last Saturday night, I got to check it out and see some of the local artists play. On the lineup were the Vietnamese DJ Anh Vy, who’s a resident DJ at Ho Chi Minh City’s underground club “The Observatory”, as well as two DJs from the Australian collective Barry Sunset.

Savage is located in the north of Hanoi, but not too far from the city center. When you enter the club, you’ll first find a big bar and lounge with a smaller, bright dance floor. That night it was played with a nice selection of funky disco tracks, house and soul by one of the Barry Sunset DJs. Then, a bit hidden, there is the second floor, the red cube. It’s pitch dark and only lit by two red light bulbs, which makes it perfect for intense techno nights. The crowd can gather around the DJ booth and the soundsystem is remarkably good. The second DJ of Barry Sunset opened the Red Cube floor for the Vietnamese DJ Anh Vy, playing progressive house and a bit of disco. When he was playing, the floor was the busiest with a mixed crowd of locals and a few tourists and expats. Overall it wasn’t the busiest of nights and the crowd wasn’t as dedicated to dancing as you would expect it from European clubs. Still there were really good and friendly vibes all night.

At 2am Anh Vy took over with a more up-beat and groovy set, playing lots of rhythmic percussion and tribal sounds. His energetic set was my favorite and kept me dancing for a while. Sadly, the dance floor emptied quickly so that after 3am most people were just dancing at the bar. This is where the party slowly came to an end after 4am with some dreamy house music.

Savage is definitely well conceptualized, stylish, and with its good sound system and high quality in music it has everything you would want in a solid club. It’s possibly one of the best clubs here in Asia. I’d love to come back for a busier techno night!

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