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It’s been harder to find new music while traveling. So instead of presenting you my monthly favorites I wanted to share a couple of great mixes with you that I’ve been listening to a lot recently. So here are my current favorite mixes.

The Harmony Rec. podcast regularly features amazing deep-techno and ambient artists from all over the world. The contribution by the Spanish DJ and producer F-on is beautifully structured and so smoothly mixed that it can feel like listening to just one long track. The melodic mix sounds gentle and mellow in the beginning, but increases in intensity and depth throughout the set. Absolutely beautiful and soul soothing.

Another set I’ve been listening to obsessively is this mix by the French artist Atomic Moog which was recorded for the event and podcast series Sure Thing. The first track already sets the tone for the short mix – groovy, cool, trippy and upbeat. The same level of energy is kept up throughout the whole set.

Whenever I was in the mood for some house music I listened to Velvet‘s set for Back2Takt that was broadcasted a while ago. It’s quite a unique selection of dreamy and groovy classic house tracks very smoothly mixed together. And it will definitely get you in a good mood.

Prague’s techno artist Fleika recently recorded a mix for the Valian Kollektiv. With this set he playfully reaches such depth while keeping his characteristic groovy and upbeat sound. Another great mix from one of my favorite techno artists.

Epoché is a young DJ from Prague who’s been exploring the different sounds of deep techno. His sets can be a trippy adventure at times and tend to have a unique depth and heaviness to them. Celebration of Solitude will take you deep down to the depths of your soul, while also sounding comforting and peaceful. The slow ambient ending will gently and carefully bring you back up to the surface.

The next set is by Twojae, a producer and DJ from Perth. If you like smooth and dreamy deep house mixes this one is for you. The track selection includes more mellow and spacey sounding tracks, as well as rhythmic and cheerful ones. The set maintains a nicely fluent and consistent energy throughout the whole 90 minutes.

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