Event: Sunday rave at Warehouse, Koh Tao Thailand

It’s not easy to find good spots to enjoy some high-quality techno when you’re traveling. Finding really good underground spots takes time and you have to stay in one place for longer. During the past weeks in Thailand, I’ve mainly come across some touristy bars with mediocre tech-house music. Tech-house and psytrance, as well as more trippy sounding techno, seem to be quite popular here. Luckily, I heard about a good techno party in Koh Tao from some locals and finally got to enjoy some fine music again.

The party is held every Sunday night at a space called Warehouse (previously called Factory) on the island Koh Tao in Thailand. 12am is definitely a good time to show up there, with the peak of the party being around 1am. The venue is spacious, but with only one dancefloor the party is really focused on the current DJ-set. Despite the fact that it is low-season on the island at the moment, the place was filled with lots of techno-loving tourists as well as locals. The atmosphere in the mixed crowd was super friendly and relaxed – just what you would expect from a rave. Instead of drunk tourists looking for someone to hook-up with there were only people genuinely enjoying the music, dancing and talking.

There were three DJs playing that night. The club tends to book local DJs as well as from all over the world. The sound of the night was definitely more leaning towards tech-house than techno, and reminded me a bit of the Berlin tech-house scene although the quality of the music wasn’t quite as high. I preferred the more subtle, minimal techno set of the night while the other sets were heavier in effects and vocals, with lots of drops and dramatic build-ups. All of the sets were super energetic and had that effortless cool sound to them that keeps you dancing for hours. The night came to an end at 3am while the dancefloor had already started to become more and more empty after the peak-time, so the raves there are rather short compared to Europe. Still, if you are ever in Koh Tao and fancy a good night-out with good quality tech-house or techno, Warehouse is the place to go.

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