Favorite Jams in May

The first half of May has been filled with lots of good music and has been quite inspiring for me. The highlight was definitely the Hypnus x Harmony Records event in Prague. Since mid of May, I’ve been traveling Southeast Asia and except for some mediocre tech-house nights, there hasn’t been much to report about. However, I finally found the time to go through my musical favorites for the glorious month of May. Here you go.

Favorite tunes:

On my travels, I actually met a young producer from Brighton, England called Roobarb. He’s just started producing a couple of months ago, but his tracks already possess such an authentic atmosphere and cheerful mood. I absolutely love the beachy vibes of these ones. Give it a listen!


His friend Elm Groove is already further advanced in the art of producing, already having developed a unique sound. So I highly recommend you to have a listen. The mood of his tracks is also fun, dreamy and cheerful, using lots of percussions and samples. I love, love, love the tropical influence.

“Getula“ by Be Svendsen is another track I really enjoyed in May. You know I love percussions and oriental, tribal sounds, but this one is also telling a whole narrative. Super subtle and chill, but mysterious and teasing at the same time.

May was the month of Luigi Tozzi’s new release with Hypnus records and after seeing his brilliant live-set in Prague I was even more excited about it. Tozzi is a master of creating  powerful atmospheres with his productions and a space of its own for you to lose yourself in. “Wastelands“ will also carefully guide you to a place of mere excistence.

“Muscle“ by Ovend was on replay in May. It has the depth of dubby sounds to it but also a smooth lightness that makes you glide through the track easily. Lovin the vibe of it!

Favorite set:

One set I listened to quite a few times in May was Yan’s mix from the Harmony records collaboration with BCAAsystem. It is one of his more dub infused sets, that smoothly takes you through a trippy, harmonious soundscape with a perfect balance of dreamy, meditative and more lightweight tracks. So let yourself be guided through this great track selection and I also highly recommend listening to the sets of the other harmony guys!

Favorite night out:

When I think back on the Hypnus x Harmony records night in Prague with live-performances from Luigi Tozzi, Feral and others, I still get goosebumps. One of the most intense and powerful experiences I’ve ever had with techno. You can read my full review of that night here.


It feels like so much longer ago, but mid of May I actually uploaded another mix of mine. The farewell mix is just a fun collection of house and disco that captured the mood I was in before leaving. It’s great for the sunnier months, so have a listen.

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