LNJ goes Asia & OZ + mix

I’m saying goodbye to Europe for now. In the following months I’ll be traveling through South-East-Asia, which probably means that I won’t be posting as regularly or might even take some time off the blog. So apologies, in case it gets a bit more quiet on here for the next time. If I happen to come across some techno though, you’ll be the first ones to know.

Afterwards, I’m headed back to Australia, and I can’t wait to further dive into the music scene there. So you can expect some interesting event reviews from Melbourne and other Australian cities in the future, as well as some festival reviews. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to create and upload mixes of my own during that time. However, I would love to start my new feature there, introducing local artists and labels. Overall I’m very keen on keeping this project going, exploring more local music scenes around the world and shedding some light on their amazing artists. I hope you’ll come along with me on this ride!

As a consolation I made another mix. It’s just a fun selection of house and disco. Tracklist below. Enjoy!


  1. Artifice – Tour-Maubourg
  2. Rymd01 – Genius of Time
  3. Sambaca (Original) – Alien Alien
  4. Fade Out – Adesse Versions
  5. La Real, Pt. 1 – Surgeon
  6. Revoke – Franky Rizardo
  7. Grass Cutter (6:23 Club Mix) – Kerri Chandler
  8. Good Times – Higgins
  9. Changing Times – JT Donaldson
  10. Don’t Touch the Ground – DJ Senior Vasquez
  11. Taking the easy way out – XXXY

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