Event: Harmony x Hypnus records, Prague

An event and collaboration that’s been highly anticipated by myself was the Harmony x Hypnus records night in Prague. The local techno label and event series Harmony records invited their friends from the Swedish label Hypnus records into their city to have some of their most talented producers create a night filled with live-performances. Not only do both labels share a common sound but also the same vision to create an energetic, harmonic and spiritual experience with their music and events. Together they managed to reach a new level of techno.

The venue of the night was very special and incredibly suitable for the occasion. In an old warehouse district the harmony guys created this alternative space to step into and get lost in. The main dancefloor felt like the tummy of a creaky old ship with a balcony looking over the crowd. The lights and decorations added to this intense atmosphere that was fully focused on the showcases of the different DJs. Also the Soundsystem was one of the finest I’ve come across in this city so far and it did the sounds of the night justice.

The night consisted of four live-performances from each Birds OV paradise and Ntogn individually as well as together, followed by a merged live-set by the Italian producers Feral and Luigi Tozzi that each blended in together perfectly. Luigi and Feral’s set must have been the highlight of the night since they completely changed the energy of the party throughout their set starting with more subtle, pure sounds, building their music all the way up to incredibly powerful and hypnotic techno. So far I hadn’t witnessed a dance floor in Prague with a comparable energy. Possibly the most powerful techno I’ve ever experienced. It was almost scary just how powerful it was but in such a gentle and subtle way that you just had to surrender to it. They created this perfect foundation for the harmony guys to build their sets upon.

Overall the crowd seemed very dedicated, open-minded and connected. It felt like we had all left earth together on a spaceship to exist in this parallel utopian universe together for a time that felt infinite. Raleigh continued the night with a dark and energetic DJ-set and he did a really great job at keeping the mood up and continuing the narrative. It really was one consistent level all night. Yan and Alfred Czital then closed the party with one of their legendary B2Bs, playing cool, bouncy and groovy techno that kept the crowd dancing for a couple more hours, slowly bringing us back down to earth. It’s amazing how these two labels created such an out of this world and spiritual experience for everyone by combining their similar visions and matching sounds. I couldn’t think of a more perfect collaboration. For hypnus it was the right occasion to showcase their work and such a good fit to be presenting their music in the unique and genuine scene of Prague, while harmony could shine even more with this beautiful energy to build their sets upon. One of the most special and memorable nights in Prague that absolutely topped all expectations. It just shows how many benefits it has to bring different scenes together and collaborate. You could tell how much work, love and dedication was put into this event. I’m already looking forward to more techno nights with harmony.

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