Favorite Jams in April

With the sun peaking out then and again in April, my obsession with house music increased immensely. My trip to Berlin, including a 2 day session at my favorite club Heideglühen, definitely contributed to that obsession. Here are some of my favorite tracks from the past month.

Favorite tunes:

One house track I’ve been loving these days is “Heard it” by Madcat. You might recognise the sample from HNNY’s “Tears”. It’s so vibey and smooth while also having a prominent bassline. Big tune!

“Looking for Love” by Boe & Zak is probably a tune you’re all familiar with already. I remember being obsessed with it quite a few years ago. Since it was dropped at Heidegelühen the other weekend, I’ve been listening to it again and it’s just as dreamy and perfect as it was back then.

Another fine house track is Sweely’s “Around”. Just pure, raw house from the Lobster Theremin label. Enjoy!

I don’t really know what is about this track but something about “Hired touch” by Cobblestone Jazz always manages to lure me in. It has this perfect balance between a slow but impelling energy and just effortlessly carries you through the seven minutes of the track.

Surely I also listened to techno in April. One track that stuck out was “Never allow anybody to rule your life” by Ness. I’m a big fan of Ness’ powerful and hypnotic productions and this one will hit you full force.

Favorite set: 

One of the DJs I got to witness in April is Stackenschneider’s resident Velvet from Saint-Petersburg. If you’re into the classic house sound you should definitely give his mixes a listen. He’s not only a great selector, all of his sets are also incredibly smooth, groovy and perfect for the sunny weather. This set was one of my favorites this month, but actually I had quite a few of his on repeat.

Favorite night out:

Going back to my favorite Berlin club Heideglühen in spring was an absolute dream. It’s a club that I know and love for its absolute high quality in house music, as well as its unique peaceful and friendly atmosphere. I spent two sunny days at the venue and got to experience how the party changed throughout the time. You can read my full review here.


After months without any sets from my side, I finally uploaded one of my own mixes again. This one is quite groovy and includes some of my favorite tracks from April. I hope you enjoy the exotic sound of it.

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