Event: 2 days at Heideglühen, Berlin

What better way is there than to spend the Easter days in sunny Berlin? With all the different parties going on there that weekend, I found it hard to decide where to go. But because it already had been a year since my last time at my favorite Berlin club Heideglühen, I chose to spend most of my weekend there. I’ve actually never been at this venue longer than a day, so it was very interesting to go two days in a row and see how much the atmosphere can vary from the beginning to the end of the party.

Since the new opening times at Heideglühen, the parties start at Saturday 10 am and this time I was there to start it with them. The queue was super long, but it moved fast since many got turned away quickly because a lot of people were expected that day. When I was finally inside at about 11 am, the club was still super empty with just groups of friends sitting outside in the sun. There was no one dancing yet on the dance floor, people just passed through to get a drink at the bar and went back outside. Velvet, a resident DJ of the club Stackenschneider in St. Petersburg, was in charge of opening the party with a four hour set. He had brought some of his fine vinyl house collection and left me wanting to know every track ID with this great track selection. For an opening set the music was already quite groovy and upbeat and I personally wanted to dance since the first second I had stepped inside. Sadly, it took about 3 hours for the party to slowly get started. After 1 pm more people finally started to come to the dance floor and stayed to dance, but the club was still relatively empty. So I have to say at this point already, that Velvet’s set was my absolute favorite that weekend and it’s a shame that it didn’t get more attention. By the time Cryptofauna from Hamburg took over, the party was in full swing and she heated up the packed dance floor even more with popular house tracks. That’s how I know Heideglühen: with people cheering like crazy and dancing on the balcony. Somehow it seemed more wild and intense that day though. The atmosphere was less friendly and chill than usual and for some reason I found it really hard to connect to people that day, which is quite unusual for Heide. It’s a place where you’ll always see familiar faces and make new friends. But something was off that day for me personally, so I left pretty early that evening already, knowing I would return the next day. And so far I never felt the desire to spend the night at Heideglühen, to me it’s the perfect daytime club.

When I returned on Sunday around 1 pm, I instantly felt that the energy was different that day. The club wasn’t as busy anymore, but there were still people dancing who had been there on Saturday already or had just arrived. The atmosphere on the dance floor was a lot more peaceful and harmonious than just the day before. There were all kinds of different people happily dancing together and smiling at each other on this sunny Sunday in Berlin, everyone was welcome there. I only got to see the closing set of Heideglühen’s resident Woody that day, which was perfect for the occasion. He played a vibey house set that kept the people effortlessly dancing ’til the very end. Seeing this party come to an end so peacefully and full of love was very special since I had also witnessed its beginning and possibly its peak the day before. When Woody played Madonna’s “Holiday” it was probably the most beautiful and magical moment of that day and I just felt so much appreciation for everyone who was still there with me. That is the Heideglühen I know and love and also what makes Berlin’s scene so special to me.

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