Favorite Jams in March

March was definitely an inspiring and rather eventful month music-wise. Still dwelling on the great memories from my night out in Prague, I listened to a lot of the city’s local artists as well as deep, ambient and dub techno.

Favorite tunes:

A tune that has been on repeat in March is “Our Love is Strong” by Leafar Legov from the Giegling label. Such a pleasantly deep and subtle track with dreamy piano chords that takes you to another sphere.

At the beginning of March, Kornél Kovács released a few tracks of his upcoming new album from his label Studio Barnhus. “Rocks” is another one of his many groovy, up-beat and super catchy productions that also comes with a heavy bassline and pop-influenced vocals. I’m definitely looking forward to the album release and am excited for more.

I can’t do a favorites’ post without including at least one dreamy house track, can I? A lot of the productions on the Lobster Theremin label end up on my playlists. With the low-fi house track “The Sunrise in her Eyes”, Route 8 created such an incredibly powerful, floating and dreamy atmosphere of its own. So effortless and heavenly.

“I Think I Love You” by Eduardo De la Calle is such a trippy and multifaceted track that includes so many different elements. Somethings sounds just a little bit off, which makes this track boring and interesting at the same time. And well, I think I love it.

In March I came across this catchy techno banger by Pangea. “You Know what’s up” is super energetic, cool and groovy and can probably increase the energy on each dance floor within seconds.

Another techno track that stuck out to me in March was “Ritus” by Yør. To me it’s the right balance between heaviness and grooviness that I’m looking for in a techno track, while being hypnotic and energetic at the same time, and maybe even a little dramatic.

Favorite sets:

Fleika‘s Ankali opening set is a perfectly crafted three hour journey of sublime techno. It starts with a subtle, atmospheric and very mysterious build-up and slowly draws you further into the set with its dull and hypnotic sound. Towards the end of the set it progresses in force and depth, inducing such a deep trance while never losing its groove. Just the perfect opening set with a great track selection and carefully created structure.


Another set I really loved in March was a live recording of Yan’s Dub Mix from an ONYX Rave in Prague. It always amazes me how Yan manages to be both so versatile and distinctive in his sound. While I’m a big fan of his usual atmospheric, subtle and dubby deep techno sets, this dub mix with a hint of trance really stands out to me. With its absolutely perfect timing and striving energy of each track, you basically fly through the 90 minute set.

Favorite night out: 

My favorite night out in March was without a doubt the night at Ankali in Prague with the local DJs Yan and Fleika, as well as the Ostgut Ton artist function. That night I experienced the therapeutic and hypnotic power of techno again and absolutely fell back in love with Prague’s local scene. You can read my full review here.



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