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This blogpost has been a long time coming. I shied away a bit from doing a Berlin club guide since its nightlife is so massive and I’ve only experienced a fraction of it so far. Still I think this club guide could be helpful to some people in possibly finding the right places to go to in the pile of options. Berlin is definitely one of the best cities to experience the night life in, with an incredibly high quality in music and absolutely unique atmosphere compared to other places. And it certainly has much, much more to offer than just Berghain. So if you want to dive into the Berlin scene a little more and want to know where to go – and most importantly how to get in – this could be for you.


Ok, I admit, there are probably not many tourists that don’t know about Sisyphos yet. Still I need to mention it in this club guide, since I consider it one of the best clubs in Berlin to this day and a place everyone should experience when going out in Berlin. I also wrote a blogpost about this not too long ago. Sisyphos is situated in Rummelsburg near Ostkreuz in an old factory for dog treats. The layout of the whole club is incredibly well thought through and just made to spent a whole weekend or at least quite a while in there. The club is actually open from Thursday to Monday morning without closing. There is a huge outside area with a pond, hammocks and a lot of space to relax in the sun, while music is playing on the outside stage. You can get amazing food there, charge your phone and have everything you need so you don’t ever have to leave the club. It’s like a mini festival just inside of Berlin. There’s a variety of other different stages: the big, dark Hammahalle with fast-paced techno and balconies to watch the crowd from, the former Dampfer floor that can get quite heated with a mixture of oriental tech house sounds and my personal favorite the Wintergarden that is filled with good vibes and groovy deep house music. There’s definitely something for everyone at all times. The quality of music is very high and you can certainly have an amazing time there and meet lots of different people. The crowd is quite mixed and the door is not too strict. Just don’t rock up there with a huge group of people and it helps to know some of the line-up just in case. So yes, I highly recommend spending a Saturday night at Sisyphos and stay for a sunny Sunday to let it come to an end. And also if you get rejected at Berghain, Sisyphos is the place to got to.


Oh, Heideglühen. This magical, magical place in Wedding. It’s my favorite club in Berlin and I’ve written about it before. If you’re tired of the Berghain techno, don’t fancy tech house either and just want some good vibes house, Heideglühen is the place to go. I don’t know about any other place with such a high energy the whole day through. You can go there on a Saturday morning at 10am and the vibes will still be through the roof. There is actually just one big floor with a glass ceiling, a balcony and a big outside area. So it’s the perfect place to spend a chill, sunny Saturday at. Everyone is super friendly and open and even the staff is really kind and interested in getting to know everyone. It’s the kind of place you leave with 10 new friends that you will probably see there again one day  and it actually feels like you’re at a friend’s party. That also means though that the door is relatively strict, so it helps to know people there and to connect. I personally always got in but it can be difficult to find a time when there is no huge cue. The club has definitely gotten more popular over the past year. They are really eager on protecting their atmosphere so not a lot of tourists know about it, but you will certainly meet people from all over the world there. If you want to know about their events you need to register on their website. Usually it is every other Saturday. And if you’re lucky there might be even big names like Palms Trax, Call Super or Job Jobse playing.


Else is a new summer outside location that belongs to Berlin’s club “Salon zur wilden Renate”. It is located right across the bridge from it at Treptower Park. It’s a beautiful venue and really lovely to visit on a sunny day. You can just have a chill time there with your friends, have a little boogie and then go home at night and get a good night’s sleep still. There is only one floor but you will find a lot of big names on the line-up actually. I’d say the sound is more oriented towards house as well but you can also have a slightly wilder techno evening there once the sun sets. The door isn’t too strict either, but you should make sure to get there at the right time to avoid long cues.

Salon zur wilden Renate:

Salon zur wilden Renate is actually the first club I experienced in Berlin except for Tresor ages before that. I was so fascinated with all the details and different rooms and the big garden. I had never experienced a club like that. But in fact, a lot of Berlin clubs are designed with that much love for detail and playfulness. Being actually located in one big house, it does feel like a crazy house party and you always feel like you haven’t discovered everything yet and could even get lost in there. The Thursday parties can be incredibly good and I haven’t experienced the door to be that strict.

Kater Blau:

I’m sure everyone has heard about Kater Blau already. I’ve only been a couple of times and I have to say I’m not too impressed with it. Sure the layout is beautiful, located by the river and everything, and the music can be very, very good. You can have a great time there for sure and it also offers you everything you need to spend a lot of time there. It is one of the best places in Berlin I guess, so I wanted to mention it. The door is relatively strict though. Don’t try to get in with your black Berghain outfits. Kater Blau is all about glitter and colourfulness. Depending on the bouncer’s mood you might just not get in.


Rumor has it, that Rummelsbucht will close down soon sadly. If you’re lucky you might still experience it. You need a password to get in and events are only shared in a closed facebook group. Still I found the crowd to be less well filtered compared to other clubs and you could come across some massive douchebags in there. Like any other Berlin club it has a nice outside area and heaps of floors. I found the quality of music in there incredibly high. So Bucht is not to be missed out on!


There are obviously tons and tons of more good clubs in Berlin. Some of them I haven’t checked out yet and still need to go to, but also some I did not enjoy as much. And obviously the scene is constantly growing and changing, new places open while others close down. Maybe this is a little starting point for you to dive into Berlin’s scene. It is an incredibly diverse and colourful scene and I’m sure you will also fall in love with its open-minded crowd and the infinite freedom that it offers.

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