Favorite Jams in January and February

It’s been way too long since I last posted my monthly music favorites. So I combined some of my most loved tracks and sets from February and January for you to check out. Enjoy!

Favorite tunes: 

Thanks to Tornado Wallace I came across this track and have been blasting it out a lot both in January and February. “Greece 2000” by Three Drives is just a fun, trashy trance track. Super nostalgic. And what can I say, I kinda love it.

“Crocket’s Theme” by Jan Hammer is a classic obviously. I think Leif Mueller’s edit is the best remix I’ve come across so far. Listen if you love the original but also listen if you don’t.

Nthng released this masterpiece in 2017 on the Lobster Therimin label. “It never ends” is a 9 minute long emotional, all-consuming journey of deep techno that really feels like it never ends.

Efdemin‘s a great producer and I loved his relatively recent “wrong movements” release – especially the “Circles” version. It has a striving energy, that captures you from the first beat and takes you on a little ride.

You know I can never get enough of dreamy, smooth house tracks. Some might find this one a bit cheesy, but Kettenkarussell’s “Maybe” always takes me to a sunny Sunday rave or a day on a beach that just lasts forever. Close your eyes and dream.

“Expedition” by Terence Fixmer was released on the Ostgut Ton label and is such a fierce track. A bit heavy, a bit hypnotic, a bit monotonous and a bit dragging.

And another lightweight, good-vibes house track: “Soft Moon” by CoastDream. Incredibly smooth and groovy at the same time and just fills you up with love.

Favorite sets:

One set I enjoyed listening to in February was Raleigh’s set at Ankali in Prague, who is also part of the Harmony records label. It’s energetic and atmospheric, somewhere between deep and dub techno, definitely including a good amount of bangers. It’s a great set to listen to before going out on a Friday night and will get you hyped up.

Favorite night out:

My favorite night out was definitely with Matrixxman at Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt. He played a killer set and also the music at the rest of the night was insanely good. I had a great time there with a good, open-minded crowd. You can read my full review here.

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