Event: Yan, function and Fleika at Ankali, Prague

I missed Prague‘s techno scene way too much. So I just went back to my favorite club Ankali to see my favorite local DJs and Ankali residents Yan (Harmony records) and Fleika (Polygon) there. On top of that, I got to see a high-energy techno set by Ostgut Ton artist function, who’s been a big part of the techno underground scene for more than 20 years. And once again, I witnessed an absolutely epic night in Prague and how much its local scene has to offer for techno lovers.

It’s been too long since my last time at Prague’s Ankali. I had truly fallen in love with that place since its opening in 2017 and I was so keen to go back there. When I got there at half past 12 last Friday, Yan‘s opening set was already in full force, super energetic and up-beat. I was captured by it literally the second I stepped on the dance floor and only stopped dancing by the time he finished. I was amazed with how consistently he kept the energy leading up and further up without it getting too intense or boring for one second. He only gave us very small moments to catch our breaths in between. As per usual, his set seemed to have a clear structure that was slowly presenting itself. With function supposedly playing a rather rough techno set as the main act, Yan did a really good job at preparing the crowd for that sound, getting them really excited without giving too much away yet. Probably one of his best sets I’ve seen so far. Great track selection, super smooth mixing and overall just an absolutely mesmerizing energy that took you over. I had completely given in to the music and felt such high and euphoria just from letting the music‘s energy transfer through me. So Yan is still very big in Prague’s techno scene and apparently even getting better and better.

Then function followed after 2am. He started his set with a very heavy techno track and set the tone for the next few hours: dark, really heavy, powerful techno and not for the soft-hearted out there. After completely losing myself to Yan’s set already, I had a harder time getting into this set. There were lots and lots of drops with flashing stropo lights that were super powerful and intense, but would have been even more powerful more rarely used. His set was definitely well-done and on point too, still it was too much for me personally and rather exhausting than energizing. I noticed that the dance floor wasn’t completely filled up to the last corner, but it felt like a very good crowd again. You never feel weird or alone dancing at Ankali. It’s a unique connection- you really feel as one. And the amount of euphoria and bliss I’ve felt at this place just from dancing to the music is really out of this world.

Fleika absolutely killed it again with his closing set. He showed no mercy when he played his groovy, vicious techno. There were so many moments you thought the set was about to end, just for him to push the energy up again and keep going. Also you should mention with how much ease and confidence he mixes. I could not help but to stay til the very end and let the music move my tired body. What an incredible night again in Prague‘s unique techno scene that I love so much. I came to see my favorite local acts and they just proved again how much Prague has to offer in terms of high-quality techno. Actually, I preferred their sets much more that night. I think Yan and Fleika even stole the show. As for Ankali, it is still my favorite place in Prague. Just the perfect dark, dingy techno club with a dedicated, friendly crowd and good energy.

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