Event: Chaos in the CBD at Joshua Brooks, Manchester

I’ve been pretty excited about going out in Manchester. I always wanted to go to a Warehouse Project party, but sadly there was no event on this time and the tickets are usually sold out weeks or months in advance. Seeing Chaos in the CBD all night long seemed like a good alternative though. I’ve already seen them play once in Melbourne and know that they always deliver groovy, fun and entertaining sets to dance to.

The party was held at the rather small venue called Joshua Brooks in the city centre. When we arrived past midnight, the place wasn’t too crowded yet. I was instantly a bit disappointed with the place. I had expected something else. It was this dark, dingy cellar that was supposed to have this underground atmosphere. I found it rather dodgy though. The next disappointment was that Chaos in the CBD weren’t playing all night long actually the way it had been announced. There weren’t two dance floors either, just another floor with tables and sofas to chill out at. Anu was playing the main floor in the beginning, while slowly more people started coming in and Chaos in the CBD didn’t start ’til 1 a.m. The supporting DJ actually did a pretty decent job, playing some dubstep, house and r’n’b. She even got away with mixing in an interesting remix of Ariana Grande’s “Thank you, next”. I could not really focus on her set though, since I was desperately waiting for the two guys from New Zealand to begin.

When they finally started playing, the dance floor was filled with people up to the last corner. The crowd seemed a lot more excited then. Chaos in the CBD started their set with an absolute banger and continued with a mix of dreamy, smooth house and bass-heavier, techno tracks. There was nothing to criticise really, though I could not make out a specific concept of their set. I was quite distracted by the annoying crowd, that seemed rather unfocused. People were dancing together and in circles instead of by themselves and constantly talking and drinking. They weren’t really focused on the music as much, while there were constantly people pushing through and stepping on your foot because of the bad layout of the dance floor. It was difficult to find a good spot to dance and enjoy the music. I also did not stay ’til the end of the party which always makes it harder to rate  a set.

Overall it wasn’t the best night and I blame it on the venue and the crowd. It was just a different way of going out. Because the night was so shortened and only went on for a couple of hours, it all felt a bit rushed and people were more focused on socialising, getting as drunk or as high as possible in a short amount of time and finding someone to hook up with. I’d say Chaos in the CBD still did a good job, it’s just a shame I couldn’t fully appreciate it that night. I’m also sure that there are better nights to have in Manchester.

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