Event: Matrixxman at Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt

While I’ve been to Frankfurt’s Dora Brillant twice already, I’ve been a bit hesitant about going to Tanzhaus West which is actually right next door. When I saw that Matrixxman would be playing there, I decided to give it a shot though. And well, I am very glad I did.

When I got there around 1am, there were already quite a few people at the venue. It wasn’t my usual kind of crowd but I was willing to blend in. At the big techno floor with its cement pillars Pablo Mateo was already playing some really heavy techno that was a bit too rough for me to start the night with. I preferred the funky house tunes that Ramone and Koga were playing at the smaller Dora floor. By 2am, when Matrixxman finally started his two hour set, the big floor was already packed with loads of people. Pablo Matheo had done a very good job with heating up the dance floor and getting people excited for what was to come. To be honest, I was quite excited to see Matrixxman and expected a lot from him since I absolutely loved his previous sets so far. He is all about rough techno but it’s never too intense or monotone. And again, he didn’t disappoint. He played nothing but banging techno tracks while keeping it a bit groovy in between. It didn’t get boring for one second. His confidence while DJing is astonishing, it doesn’t even look like he’s doing any work because his mixing is so smooth and on point. A true master on the decks! He ended the set with an upbeat mix of Aretha Franklin’s “A deeper love”. So another really energetic, fierce and entertaining techno set from him with a fresh spin to it.

At the second floor, Norman Nodge had already started his set. The Berghain resident was playing a rare house set that was super fun and danceable. He even mixed in a hint of R’n’B. And also the following DJs on the floor did a really good job with keeping the crowd dancing. Overall, I was positively surprised with the venue and the atmosphere of the night. It was a very mixed crowd, but people were very open and friendly and everyone just wanted to have a good time.

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