Favorite Jams in December

I already showed you my favorite music from 2018. There were some more favorites in December that I wanted to share with you, too.

Favorite tunes:

“Electron” by Mr. Fingers, also known as Larry Heard, is a trancey synth track with  80ie’s vibes. I love how dramatic and rhythmic it is. Absolutely hypnotising!

A track I really liked in December is “Mortal trance” by Boo Williams. Four Tet played it in his Lost Village set that I listened to tons that month. Just a groovy, pumpin, good vibes house track. Big tune!

“Irini” by Luigi Tozzi is a dreamy, super atmospheric, slowly unfolding techno track. Takes you to outer space and back.

“Embodiment” is a new release by Norman Nodge on Ostgut Ton. Deep, hypnotic techno with a driving energy.

Robag Wruhme’s release “Veddel Baav” on Pampa records reminds me of the Berlin club scene so much. It’s super cool and groovy but something is a bit off which makes it quite interesting. Simultaneously, it sounds hollow and subtle but also deep and powerful.

I do love Four Tet and Bicep. So when Four Tet does a Bicep remix it can only be magical. “Opal (Four Tet Remix” by Bicep is subtle but hits me every time. So beautiful and powerful, plus an absolute great track to end a set with.

Favorite sets:

In December I discovered this amazing techno set by Zubescu. He’s a techno artist from Prague and this set is a beautiful one hour journey through minimal and dub techno. It’s smartly constructed and gets quite groovy and rhythmic towards the end.

In my 2018 favorites I already showed you Four Tet‘s incredible Lost village set. I still need to include it here as I listened to it on repeat in December. It’s amazing how Four Tet is able to mix together all these different genres with his own productions and remixes, while still keeping his distinct sound.

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