Favorite Jams in 2018

2018 is slowly coming to an end and I’ve been going through my playlists and the blog to list some of my absolute favorite sets and tracks for you. Here you go:

Favorite tunes:

I became quite a big Axel Boman fan in 2018. I saw him DJ twice this year and always had a really good time. His sets are super groovy and fun. I also love his productions and his track “ABBA 002” might be my favorite. It’s super cheerful, quirky and high-energy. I still remember when it was played at Heideglühen in Berlin this year and the energy was so high you thought the glass-ceiling might burst any second.

At this point I should also mention “Pick Up” by DJ Koze. I played this song so many times and I can’t seem to get tired of it. The perfect combination of different emotions in one track. One of the best new releases this year in my opinion.

Call Super dropped this timeless banger at his edgy Dekmantel main stage set. Golden Girls’ “Kinetic (Frank de Wulf Remix)” is also a very celebratory, powerful track that will get every crowd cheering within a second.

“Emotion” by Dorisburg is a more low-key track but I love it for its smoothness and dreamy atmosphere. This has been played a lot since August and never gets old.

One of my favorite tracks for this summer was Masanori Ikeda’s “Afro Tipsy (Almunia Remix)”It’s rather subtle and chill, but the different layers and the way it slowly builds up add more depth to it.

Favorite sets:

I discovered and listened to so many incredible sets this year, it was really tough to only choose a couple. Palms Trax released his Essential Mix in January and I still love to listen to it sometimes. Palms Trax is such a good selector and this is a very special, beautiful selection of great music from different genres very nicely put together.

I already mentioned that I listened to a lot of Axel Boman‘s work this year. His Dekmantel Podcast is just a super fun and danceable mix that represents his groovy and witty sound.

I recently showed you Yan’s Ankali opening set in my November favorites. I listened to this set a looot so I had to list it here. I’m still amazed by the amount of patience and carefulness that this beautiful techno set was created with.

Favorite Boiler Room sets:

One of my favorite Boiler Room sets this year was Mama Snake’s set from Dekmantel. I find the trancey, 90ies, fast-paced techno somehow refreshingly different and truly admired the way she created that powerful atmosphere throughout her set with such confidence.

I also really loved Kornél Kovács‘ smooth house set that included some of the tracks of the Studio Barnhus album compilation.

And Project Pablo‘s classic and elegant house mix from Sugar Mountain was super cool and should be praised much more.

New releases:

I highly anticipated the release of the first Studio Barnhus record compilation, since I love a lot of the artists on the label and their unique sound. And the album presented a brought mixture of different sounds that still fit really well with the label. You can read my full review here.

Favorite nights out:

Dekmantel was my main highlight this year. I was quite impressed with the quality of the music everywhere and the atmosphere of the festival, although it’s already been my second time there. You can read my full review here. One of my favorite sets from that weekend was definitely Four Tet‘s set at the main stage. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. This set from Lost Village should be pretty similar to it:

But also Matrixxman’s set was absolutely incredible:

I also got to experience the Portuguese nightlife in Lisbon and Porto, went back to Prague to see my favorite local DJ perform and also checked out Berlin’s outdoor location Else and Leipzig’s Institut für Zukunft. Berlin’s Sisyphos and Heideglühen showed me an incredible time once again. Other than that I had a great time dancing to Mano Le Tough‘s and Marcus Worgull’s sets at Robert Johnson.

Monthly mixes: 

In August I finally started putting up monthly mixes of tracks that I listened to that month. The September mix has been my favorite so far. It’s a groovy mix of exotic and oriental sounds:


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