Favorite Jams in October and November

It is already December, so I thought I’d combine my musical favorites from October and November this time. Let’s jump right in:

Favorite Tunes: 

Brién is a very talented Irish producer, who makes really dreamy tracks with heavenly vocals and beautiful piano melodies. “Luv Getter” is a house track he produced and is more groovy and danceable than his usual productions. And what can I say? I absolutely love it!

I literally fell in love with this track in October. “Jaz Love #2” by Glenn Underground is a true gem with a mellow soul sample, somewhere between house and disco.

“The Awakening” by Bushwaka! is an energetic, upbeat tech house track. If you need to be uplifted or awakened listen to this, it’ll do the job for sure.

One of my November favorites is “Back & Forth” by Jerome Hill- a really powerful and trippy acid track with heavy kick drums.

Berlin DJ CINTHIE’s “Together” is a very big house track, super uplifting and euphoric even. It was recently released on the new label Crystal Grooves and I can definitely see it filling up some dance floors.

“Like I Said” by Art Alfie is also a fresh release. Art Alfie has worked with Studio Barnhus previously, which is not surprising with his sweet, melodic and quirky sound.

I listened to a lot of synth wave in November. One of the tracks I really liked is “Division Ave” by Krystal Klear. It is super dreamy and might as well have been a part of the Italo Disco era. Even better that music like this is still produced today.

Favorite Set: 

A set that I listened to about a hundred times both in October and November is Yan‘s opening set from Ankali. Yan is my favorite local techno DJ from Prague and one of the residents of the techno club. With this opening set he showed that he can also set the right tone for the night and the following DJs. It’s such a beautiful, slowly unfolding set, that once again proves Yan’s great sense of patience and subtlety.

Favorite night out:

In November, I went to the Massimiliano Pagliara release party at Robert Johnson for his new album “Feel Live”. The night featured artists like Private Agenda, Ata and Massimiliano himself. Check out my review on the night here.

October mix:

For October I uploaded a deep house mix. It was fun trying out a new sound and putting some of my favorite tracks of the month together. So go ahead, and give it a listen! The mix for November is yet to come.


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