Event: Massimiliano Pagliara + friends at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

It doesn’t happen often that Robert Johnson expands its venue to a second floor. Saturday was a special occasion though, celebrating Massimiliano Pagliara‘s new album release on the Live at Robert Johnson label. The Italian producer and DJ is a regular guest at the LGBTQI “fries before guys” parties at Robert Johnson and has worked with the label for years. “Feel Live” is his third album on the label and will officially be released on November 30th. So enough reason to throw an even bigger party than usual with Massimiliano himself on the decks, but also a lot of his friends playing.

The main floor was opened by Budino, while local Philipp Grosser played the second floor. At 1am Robert Johnson co-founder and resident Ata took over the main room that was already packed with people. Fries before guys parties are always well-attended, diverse and colourful. Ata was teasing the crowd first with some rather slow beats but then he heated up the dancefloor with just one track and kept the energy high for the rest of his set. I’ve never seen a dancefloor transformed this quickly. This man certainly knows his craft.

Meanwhile the Berlin duo Private Agenda played an hour-long live-set on the second, less crowded floor. They performed a beautiful, synthie new wave set with live locals. It was super danceable and dreamy at the same time.

At 3am it was Massimiliano‘s turn in the main room. His set was super energetic right from the start and overall seemed very confident, badass and almost vicious. It was less playful and sexy than his usual mixes. The crowd loved it however and it definitely suited the celebratory occasion. I’m unsure if he included any of his new tracks, but you would assume that he did. Usually, I’m a fan of his work but that night, he couldn’t fully capture me.

Luigi Di Venere closed the second floor that got completely empty during Massimiliano’s set except for a handful of people dancing. To be honest, the floor had been rather empty throughout the whole night, but it gave space to more experimental sounds that wouldn’t usually be booked for the wooden main floor. While I do like that idea, the second floor seemed to have torn the party apart, with neither of the floors building up that powerful energy that you can usually expect from Fries before Guys nights.

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