Fresh Jams: Mall Grab How The Dogs Chill, Vol. 1

In September Mall Grab launched his EP “How the Dogs Chill, Vol. 1” on his freshly established label “Looking for Trouble”. You could call me a Mall Grab fan for sure. I consider him a good producer and an even better DJ. But certainly not everyone is as fond of him as I am, which is fair enough. I finally got around to listening to his new EP, which gives you very good inside into his recent sound explorations that you could also witness during his current DJ sets. If you expected his typical smooth low-fi sound all the way through, you will be surprised. With this one, Mall Grab is freeing himself of the low-fi label.

The opener of the EP is “Liverpool Street in the Rain“. This track was actually already released a while ago. Compared to the other tracks on the record, this one is a little less heavy and more melodic. Still it has the typical Mall Grab drive and grooving energy.  It’s not too different from his previous light-weight, dreamy lo-fi productions.

Next up is “Bust“. This track is way more raw and stripped down than the other ones on this EP. It samples a hip-hop track, which seems to be one of Mall Grab’s new signature features production wise. Despite its chill vibe, it comes across as quite confident and daring even.

Now “Looking For Trouble” takes it up a notch and starts off with a filthy baseline. It’s a powerful deep house track, with a striving and almost aggressive energy. Mall Grab also added some hypnotic techno elements to it. This one’s a banger!

Get Impetuos” is not too different from Looking For Trouble, but seems even more multi-faceted. It also has this deep and dingy sound to it and to me is the most interesting track on the EP. And again, Mall Grab delivers another heavy track with a lot of oomph, a rather dark atmosphere, created with a hip-hop sample and a few techno elements thrown in.

I personally love seeing Mall Grab advancing his sound and striving more towards darker, heavier techno sounds, but still keeping certain low-fi house elements. I guess with his new label starting out, we can expect a lot more new, interesting music from him in the future.

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