Favorite Jams in September

It’s almost November and I haven’t even shown you my September favorites yet. Let’s not miss out on this one though, cause I found a few good tracks again. Some of my other most loved tunes of the month made it into my current monthly mix, so make sure to check this one out.

Favorite tunes:

I’m really glad I came across this massive tune! “Power Seat” by Head High is a heavy house track that still has the raw 90s vibes – although it came out in 2014. Big tune!

I had to include Francis Inferno Orchestra’s “Harmony” into my monthly mix. It samples a lot of strings and harmonious, dreamy melodies. Such a beautiful track!

“Manaka (Domenic Cappello Remix)” by Hammer is a multi-layered deep house track that has loads going on, but takes you through the track with its steady beat. It feels dramatic and chill at the same time.

This track was actually already on one of my playlists and almost forgotten. But when Marcus Worgull played it at Robert Johnson towards the end of his set, I finally fully appreciated it. Adam Port’s Autobahn Edit of “Tonight” by Here is Why should definitely be on your road-trip playlist.


Favorite Boiler Room:

In September I quite enjoyed listening to Palms Trax‘ Boiler Room from this year’s Dekmantel Festival. As per usual, his song collection is so distinctive and unique; he dug out some real hidden treasures again. It might not be his best set ever, but it’s super enjoyable.

Favorite night out: 

The Innervision’s label night at Robert Johnson in September was definitely my favorite night out. I especially enjoyed Marcus Worgull’s captivating set. You can read my full review here.

September mix:

Quite a few of my most loved tracks of the month made it into my September mix. This monthly mix was super fun to record. I’m really happy with its exotic, groovy sound. Have a listen!

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