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Prague is actually a city with one of the best techno scenes in Europe – in my opinion at least. It’s an attractive place for tourists from all over the world with its crazy cheap beer and heaps of bars. However, if you take a closer look, aside from all the touristy attractions, you will find that it also has a really unique and flourishing techno underground scene to offer. It somehow took me over a month to discover it, so I want to spare you all the disappointing nights filled with bad music and let you know where the truly good places are. So if you’re ever in Prague and want to experience some good techno, keep this list in mind.

As with any other big city, the night scene of Prague is always changing and growing, but some places are also closing down sometimes. Unfortunately, one of my favorite venues is not open anymore, so I would always recommend keeping an eye on the list of my favorite local artists and labels as well. They often host label nights or events in different venues worth checking out. There’s always at least one good party going on every weekend. But without further ado…


If you’re on the look-out for a solid underground club, Ankali is the one. I was lucky enough to be there at its opening in 2017 and quite a few other times, and it became one of the most popular clubs in Prague’s underground scene within no time. It is situated in an old soap factory, a bit further out of the city centre, which means that only the dedicated tourists and mostly locals will make their way there. The style of it is industrial, hip, minimalistic and dark. There’s only one floor, but I promise it won’t get boring. No matter what event, there always seems to be a good crowd with a great energy, and parties going on til noon. Ankali is also the place where you will find high-class line-up each month, from Objekt to Boston 168 or Massimiliano Pagliara. They also have a handful of amazing local resident DJs that regularly blast minimal, ambient techno through the best sound system in town.


Another one of my favorite venues in Prague is Stalin. It’s not actually a club, but rather an outside venue that holds different musical events spread over the whole week, with local DJs playing both Friday and Saturday night. Stalin is the kind of place you go with your friends on a Friday night to drink a beer, enjoy some good music while the sun is setting and maybe go to a club after. It’s a great opportunity to check out some of Prague’s amazing local artists. And also with its great location right under the metronome by Letna park, the view over Prague at night is absolutely stunning. Depending on what night you go there, it can get quite crowded, with a lot of people dancing, it usually ends around 1am though. If you visit Prague in summer, Stalin’s a must!

U Bukanýra 

Oh, U Bukanýra! This little Boat club right by Moldau river was actually my breakthrough into the local underground scene. I had been rather disappointed with all the other clubs before I discovered this one. It’s ridiculously cheap and somehow you will mainly find locals there. There are events happening every weekend with the music ranging between house, deep house and tech house. Funnily, this is the place that reminded me of Berlin the most, because of its vibe and sound. Everyone was so friendly and open and just having a good time dancing. If you want to have a solid, long rave, U Bukanýra is your place. It’s the kind of club you want to arrive at around 4am and leave at 12pm. And because it’s just a tiny boat, you will be friends with everyone there within no time.


If you look up places to go out in Prague, you will probably come across Roxy. It is one of the more touristy clubs, but I still wanted to mention it, because it has one of the best line-ups in town, like Dixon or DJ Koze. And depending on what you’re looking for, this could be the one for you. I would still recommend seeing local artists instead, however, you certainly can have a great time there. It’s a big venue with two floors and balconies that you can look on the crowd from. Depending on what night you’re going, the crowd can be very different. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t meet one local that night.

Meet Factory 

Meet Factory is also not particularly a club, but mainly an art gallery that also hosts music events and concerts sometimes. They sometimes have local label nights there, but also international artists like Young Marco and Tornado Wallace playing. It’s a stylish venue filled with cool people, that is also a bit further out but worth the drive. If you’re lucky, there is an event happening while you’re there and it will be an unique experience, that combines music with art. So keep an eye on that one, too.

Cross Club

I rarely had a great time dancing at Cross Club, but I still wanted to include it into my list, because just the club in itself is such an experience. It was created by a guy after his acid trip and that’s pretty much what you can expect. Just weird clockworks everywhere and a lot of metal. It’s simply a weird place and really fun. They mainly host drum and bass events there, and not good drum and bass in my opinion, BUT sometimes there is also good techno to be found.

Other good venues to check out:

Again: also keep your eyes on my favorite local artists and see if they’re playing somewhere.

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