Event: Innervisions at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

Innervisions is one of the most popular German labels for sure and also a frequent guest at Offenbach’s Robert Johnson club. I’d definitely call myself a fan of the label’s work. I really love their dramatic, slightly tens and rhythmic sound. The Innervisions night this weekend included a live-set by Frank Wiedemann from Âme with producer Mathew Jonson, a DJ-performance by the Portuguese artist Trikk and a set by Marcus Worgull – so a pretty great combination.

Trikk started off the night with a three hour DJ-set, that I sadly missed. I’ve seen him opening up for Dixon before and he was incredible. I heard he was also very good this night. He was followed by a dynamic, two-hour live-set by Frank Wiedemann, one of the Âme members, and Mathew Jonson. I only caught the end of the set, but the two seemed to have great chemistry and put together quite a seamless and consistent set. The crowd was cheering and there was a lot of energy on the wooden floors of Robert Johnson. I always love seeing a live-set in between, because it just unfolds its own dynamic. As far as I can tell, it was a solid live-set, but nothing to remember.

Right after the live-set Marcus Worgull took over. He had the task to keep the energy up and the crowd dancing and well, he succeeded. I hadn’t heard of him before to be honest, but he already got me hooked with the first track he played. And damn, it really was one of the best sets I’ve seen at Robert Johnson so far. Just the high-quality Innervisions’ sound that you can expect, somewhere between deep house and techhouse. I could hardly stop dancing for the four hours that he was playing, since his set was incredibly consistent and rhythmic. There were some more base-heavy tracks, some tribal tunes, as well as a few wistful, emotional moments. He also played a handful of remixes like his version of “Move on Me” by Fink, plus a The Knife “Silent Shout” and Radiohead mix. Overall he managed really well to have the energy going up and down responsively, and to keep a bit of tension up throughout the whole set. So it was no surprise, that the dance floor was still massively packed even after the sun had come up. Staying ’til the end at Robert Johnson is always very special, because only the dedicated ravers are left, the sun comes shining through the windows, you can look over the balcony on the river. And as the smiling faces around you get more and more familiar, the intimacy of Robert’s dance floor makes you feel so at home. So it was truly a very special night, with incredible high-quality music, a good crowd and amazing vibes. Thank you Innervisions!

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