Fresh Monthly Mixes: August

It’s finally happening: I’m putting up monthly mixes of some of my favorite music that I’ve been listening to each month. Please excuse that the quality of the recording isn’t the best, since I still have trouble with recording. And also I just started getting into DJing a while ago and it’s still an ongoing struggle for me to commit to it. So bear in mind, that it’s only mediocre mixing, the transitions aren’t perfect. But it’s more about putting my favorite tunes together for you each month anyway.

August was filled with a lot of great tunes – mainly house. So this smashing, up-beat house mix with a sprinkle of acid just randomly came together. It’s pretty high-energy for most part. I hope you enjoy it! So please give it a listen, stay tuned for more and find the tracklist below.

  1. Rush N Soul (Original Mix) – Chris Simmonds
  2. Equinoxe – Janeret
  3. Let go of this Acid – Artwork
  4. Street Knowledge – Tobias Freund
  5. The Boombox Affair – Paranoid London
  6. Some Acid – Gerome Sportelli
  7. Let’s Groove – George Morel
  8. Ready 2 Jack (Shadow Child Remix) – DJ Haus, Shadow Child
  9. Midnight Soul (Original Mix) – Janeret
  10. Leitmotiv – Dauwd
  11. Escape from Enceladus – Tr One

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