Fresh Jams: Studio Barnhus Volym I

It’s been roughly a week, since my favorite label Studio Barnhus released their first record compilation ever. I love pretty much all of the music the label puts out, so I was more than excited to listen to this. There are 19 beautiful tracks on the Volym I record, produced not only by the label’s owners Axel Boman and Kornél Kovács, but also by rather unknown Swedish artists and big names like DJ Koze and John Talabot.

Two of the label founders Boman and Kovács contributed some of their music. One of my favorite tracks on the record definitely is “On Roofs” by Kornél Kovács. I’ve loved this track ever since I heard it in his recent Boiler Room set. It’s an upbeat house track, that fits perfectly with the music that the label usually releases.

And of course, I also love the Axel Boman tracks on this one. “Forgot About You” is hands down my favorite, I’ve listened to it a hundred times ever since it was published. A beautiful, melodic track with the typical nostalgic, Swedish sound. But also his dub mix of the Swedish house classic “Teenage Crime” by Adrian Lux is worth checking out, if you usually like his cool, dragging and rhythmic productions.

You can also find a DJ Koze track on the album. “Hawaiian Soldier” is a very chill but fun track, that gets you dreaming of a day at the beach. And like most of Koze’s productions, it’s a little bit weird and definitely not mainstream. Another great producer, that Boman has been working with for years now, is John Talabot. I quite like his song “The Change”, that is hypnotic and groovy at the same time.

Other great pieces on the compilation are “Sans titre” by Lukas Nystrand von Unge, “WinWin San” by  Sofia Kourtesis and Torolf Stendik’s “World is A (Disko Dub II”. But also the early released hip-hop song “Currency Low” by Off The Meds and the track “boyboy” by Bellaboo are absolute bangers – a bit quirky and not your typical banging house tracks.

Volym I is not an album filled with 19 banging house tracks for the club. Instead you get a perfect mixture of beautiful, melodic, chill, harmonious synth-pop songs, as well as more upbeat, fun, weird tracks, and rather classic house tunes. It is such a refreshing, non-serious approach to producing dance music and represents the label’s unique sound so well. So please give it a listen, several times!

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