Event: Axel Boman at Else, Berlin

You know I wouldn’t miss a chance to see an Axel Boman set. So I was quite excited to see that he was playing in Berlin during the time of my stay, at a club that I was keen to check out anyway. Benjamin Fröhlich’s label ‘Permanent vacation‘ brought some of their artists to the city, including Konstantin Sibold, Benjamin Fröhlich himself and Axel Boman. The party was held at the beautiful outdoor club Else, which is located right across the bridge from its ‘big sister’ Salon zur wilden Renate. So what better way is there to spend a sunny Sunday in Berlin, right?

When we got to Else on the Sunday afternoon, the place was already quite busy, considering it was a Sunday and that there are tons of other clubs to go to. Else is beautifully put together, but looks pretty much like any other outdoor area of a Berlin club. The fact that it’s located right under a bridge is pretty cool though. It really is a great place to spend a sunny, chill afternoon in Berlin and enjoy some good music.

As Axel Boman started his set with some chill but rhythmic deep house tracks, people were already dancing. The dance floor filled even more, when he continued playing even more groovy and fun tracks. You could clearly see that he was building up the energy for the following set, but kept it quite chill and approachable for most part. The transitions were absolutely smooth and with Boman you always feel like he knows what he is doing. Still, he never takes himself too seriously and spreads the good vibes, as he dances to the music and drops some fun, hip-hop inspired tracks with cool vocals. But there were also some quite sentimental moments with epic drops that got the whole crowd holding their breath and then cheering together. I’m pretty sure that he also played some unreleased stuff from his label.

So in every sense it was the perfect set: A great selection of music, he got everyone dancing and set the mood for the following artists. With Boman you always get a fun and very danceable set. He put together such a great variety of house tracks, that 100% suited my taste in music – I couldn’t even stop dancing for a minute. Then Konstantin Sibold from Stuttgart took over with a more Berlin sound, high-energy, deep house set, as the sun started to go down and the party was just getting started. What a beautiful Sunday in Berlin!

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