Favorite Jams in July

A little late but here they are – my July favorites! July was certainly a hot month filled with good music:

Favorite Tunes: 

This is a track that I liked from the first listen. Aleksandir’s Yamaha is a well-constructed production that progresses steadily. You feel like it tells a whole story in one song. It’s a bit fun, a bit silly and quite a bit emotional. It kind of reminds me of Fatima Yamaha’s or Floating point’s productions. Give this masterpiece a listen!

Yan dropped this track at the harmony nite vibes party and it’s been stuck in my head ever since: “India in me” by Cobblestone Jazz. It’s the perfect combination of lazy and energetic and you just get dragged through it. There’s something so trippy and hallucinative about it – a great opportunity to zone out for 13 minutes and lose yourself in it.

I’ve listened to several remixes of “Die Orangen” Oodnadatta Rain so far but this one is my favorite. It’s rhythmic, it’s cool, it has got the jungle vibe and is filled with such a pleasant tension that reminds you of an exciting movie scene. Definitely not a boring one!

Actually an old favorite of mine that I rediscovered in July: Tin Man’s Remix of Palms Trax’ “Late night jam”. What a tune, oh, what a tune. I can’t believe that I forgot about this piece of gold. But it’s back in my life and I can’t stop listening to it. I definitely prefer this remix to the original to be honest. It’s filled with this cool, dreamy 90’s atmosphere and the perfect amount of acid to keep it interesting. I just love it.

And of course, you know I love my lightweight house tracks. This one is a subtle banger indeed! Dorisburg Emotion was played by natural/electronic.system at the Harmony nite vibes party. Yes, it is incredibly smooth, dreamy but not shallow. Takes you to the clouds and above, lemme tell ya.

Favorite Set: 

Since I knew that Natural/Electronic.system were playing the Harmony nite vibes Day party I listened to a couple of their sets, this being my favorite one so far. I am amazed by their carefulness and patience to slowly unfold their set. The Italian duo effortlessly masters the transition from ambient, dub techno to lightweight house and back. This is how you build up a set!

Favorite Night Out: 

Highlight of the month was certainly my trip to Prague and seeing my favorite local DJs again. I went to the Harmony nite vibes day party and it was an incredibly well put together party with beautiful people and great music. Not only did I see local techno talent Yan who delivered a solid dub techno set, but also witnessed the Italian duo Natural/Electronic.system for a three hour set.


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