Event: Peggy Gou at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

It’s been a while, since I’ve last been to Robert Johnson. Last night I stepped out there again to see Peggy Gou. It was her Robert Johnson debut and my first time seeing her in action. I’ve known her since she played Boiler Room at Dekmantel last year and have been a fan of her productions and cool style. And with any female DJ I always feel a sense of support and curiosity.

Kilian Paterson of the local collective Hotel International opened up the night with a solid set that kept the crowd impatiently waiting for Peggy Gou. When she finally stepped up, people were already cheering and pressed against the DJ booth. It seemed like a lot of her fans had come to Robert Johnson to see her play and were taking photos and screaming her name throughout the set. I’ve rarely seen such a fandom at Robert before. She started of with a well known Italo Disco classic that got people cheering even more and continued with a handful of cool house tunes. It seemed like she needed a while to fully get into the groove, but after a few tracks she started to play banger after banger with heavy bass and high bpm like Modeselektor’s Kalif Storch. It surprised me, that she kept increasing the energy and continued to play similar tracks that mixed really well together. She slowly made her transition to full on techno tracks, which is something I did not expect. The crowd was going more wild with each track it seemed, but somehow I was longing for a little break in between, for her to take the energy a bit down again. Overall a great selection of music, every track seemed to be a banger and I admire her bold approach of keeping the energy and speed consistently high up. I’ve never seen the Robert Johnson floor so on fire. However, I felt like it made her set seem a bit flat overall. If there’s too many bangers in a row, you don’t appreciate every single one of them enough. For some reason she couldn’t fully captivate me, but the slightly annoying crowd might have played a part in that too. Unfortunately, I did not see the end of her set, so I can’t tell when and how she slowed it down again.

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