Event: Harmony and Nite Vibes open air, Prague

Not too long ago, I told you about my favorite local artists from Prague. I actually got to pay this glorious city another visit last weekend and got to see some of my favorite DJs again. The local label Harmony records is known for throwing unique parties with a love for detail and great atmosphere. Together with their talented friends from the Nite vibes collective, they put together a special outdoor party outside of the city center, also inviting the Italian duo natural/electronic.system to play. Throughout the whole day we all danced together in harmony – at this incredible event in an absolute unique location, put together by young talented artists.

On Saturday, an old retention tank, that is situated right in between trees, under a huge bridge, turned into the perfect rave location. Far outside the city center and away from the tourist attractions and busy streets, is where the magical party went down. The day got started by the local DJ PSJ who’s a resident at Prague’s nightclub Ankali and is definitely one of my favorite DJs in Prague. Sadly, I did not get to see him that day. I made it just in time to see the end of Selektiv Mutism‘s set. The duo is part of the nite vibes, polygon collective and set the tone for the upcoming sets.

Next up was local talent Yan of the Harmony records label, probably the artist I had been looking forward to the most. I won’t go on and on again about how talented he is at this point, but it certainly seems like he’s still the biggest name in Prague’s techno scene by far. And again, his set didn’t disappoint. He started of with a bass-heavy banger that captured everyone’s attention and delivered his characteristic atmospheric dub techno. Then he smoothly transitioned over to more groovy deep house and eventually built up his set to heavier techno, which all came together to a very consistent and energetic set, that perfectly lead over to the following artists.

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The day was ended by the Italian duo natural/electronic.system. Their techno is mostly subtle and atmospheric, and just like Yan, they know exactly how to build up an incredible journey of a set, that makes you go through the whole spectrum of emotions. What amazed me the most about them is how smoothly they transitioned between different genres and made it from dark dub techno to light-weight house tracks, back to atmospheric minimal techno. As the sun slowly started to go down, they brought up the set to its big finale with many powerful drops and emotionally intense moments.

Prague has proven again what its amazing underground techno scene is all about: beautifully put together parties that unite people in harmony and, besides from high-quality techno, the creation of unforgettable and therapeutic experiences, that represent what techno is really all about.

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