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There’s rarely a day passing by that I’m not watching one of many, many Boiler Room sets online. I’m sure that pretty much anyone who is interested in house, techno or any electronic music has heard of Boiler Room. Although the crowd can be quite douchey sometimes, the quality of the music is always high and it’s a great way to discover new artists and take a peak into another city’s nightlife. Since the sets are only about an hour long, the artists really put in the effort to create a compact but still memorable set with loads of their favorite tracks, which makes is perfect for hunting down new music. I wanted to share my most watched and loved Boiler Room sets with you.

Supposedly my favorite Boiler Room ever is the recording from Palms Trax‘ Dekmantel set in 2016. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched and listened to this. Palms Trax is an excellent selector and is known for his unique tropical sound. For this set he dug out a ton of great, funky disco classics and created a fun and danceable set. What makes this set even more special to me is that I was at the festival that day and had a great boogie to Palms Trax’ set. Sadly, I didn’t make it in front of the camera – kiddin.


If you’re not yet convinced of Dixon‘s unique art of DJing, then this Dekmantel recording from 2015 is a great Boiler Room to watch. In only one and a half hours he created a full journey of amazing music. You’re in for an energetic set and an emotional rollercoaster that matches the dark atmosphere of the location. Dixon certainly is at the top of his game in this one. Do watch!


Absolutely a Boiler Room classic and a must-see: Motor City Drum Ensemble‘s set from Dekmantel in 2014. No one manages seamless transitions between disco and techno better than him. And any vinyl he touches is sold out within no time. With this one you get an exceptional track selection of funk, disco and techno, plus great vibes throughout the whole set.


Another of my most watched Boiler Rooms is Jamie xx‘ set in London in 2014. He has proven several times that he is not only an outstanding producer but also a great selector and DJ. I don’t know any other artist, whose sets are more versatile. Jamie doesn’t shy away from mixing all different kinds of genres like grime, disco or techno from all decades, paired with his own productions.


Despite all the controversies, I consider myself a huge Mall Grab fan from day one and I had to include his Boiler Room from Paris in 2016 into my favorites. I absolutely love the vibe of the whole set and Mall Grab’s energetic DJing. Such a groovy, fun house set that also features some of his sample-heavy productions. He’s also earned my respect for mixing in a Snoop Dogg track this perfectly.


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