My Favorite Local DJs in Prague

When I moved to Prague, I had a really hard time finding good places to go out. It’s easy to get sidetracked by all the touristy clubs and attractions, that might leave you thinking that is all there is. Luckily, I found the great underground scene of Prague soon enough. To me it felt like a really unique scene due to its rawness and imperfection. It seemed like it was just in its early stages, built up by young passionate artists that created all kinds of events for their friends to come together and enjoy the music. From the bad speakers to label nights in cellars of abandoned buildings, it all had a genuine underground vibe.  Not only was I astonished by the carefully created atmosphere of each event, but also by the amount of talented artists that had come together in Prague to build up an alternative scene. Well, who would have thought that the Czechs do techno so well? Here are some of my favorite local DJs and producers from Prague.


Yan (Harmony Records):

As soon as I’d discovered the local label Harmony Records, I could really dive into Prague’s techno scene. The collective was founded in 2014 and consists of very talented, young DJs and producers. What is so special about this label is their approach to put unique events together, that are all about creating a harmonic place for people to enjoy their music. My favorite DJ in Prague must have been Yan. I’ve seen him more than five times on different events, mostly doing his distinctive dingy, ambient and yet versatile techno sets. But he can also master house sets, creating such a powerful atmosphere like I’ve never experienced before. Although he’s just in his early twenties, he builds up his sets with great care, subtlety and patience that keeps you mesmerized the whole night. He’s already a big name in Prague and I think we can expect a lot more from him. Do give it a listen!


Another great DJ I discovered is Yeseter/ado. Ado is his DJ name for mixing everything house and disco, while Yeseter is dark, banging techno. I randomly saw him doing a B2B with friends a couple of nights and fell in love with his song collection: groovy, cool, rhythmic house tracks to exotic, oriental tunes. Ado really digs out the good, maybe forgotten tracks, that you want to know every track ID of and mixes them together to a fun set. In 2017 he also put together his own festival in Prague Bengal Festival. Great taste in music and overall just a multi-talent. Make sure to check out his great Soundcloud!


Fleika (Polygon):

Fleika is part of the Polygon label and is a great DJ, producer and certainly a big name in Prague’s techno scene. His mixes range between ambient, drone and techno. Fleika‘s sound could be described as dark, pretty straight forward techno with a certain groove and coolness to it. I once saw him doing a really heavy, slamming techno set though. Usually, his sets are slightly less heavy but still have a driving energy to them. He seems to master the art of patiently building up a techno set with perfectly smooth transitions extremely well. Fleika should not be missed when checking out Prague’s techno scene.


Bratři are two brothers that produce amazing electronic music together. During my time in Prague I got to see them perform their live set two times and it was absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. Their dreamy sound is created with a lot of synths and electronic drums. Each production tells its own story and is filled with emotions and bursting with energy. It’s a great experience to seem them in action and they certainly have perfect chemistry. But until then I would suggest you check out their soundcloud.

Other great artists and labels in Prague to check out: 

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