Event: Mano Le Tough at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

I remember the first time I saw Mano Le Tough DJ: It was at Melt Festival in 2016 on Saturday morning. Friday night was over and the sun had already come up. Although I was tired and exhausted I kept dancing with all the other people at the Big Wheel stage way past 7am. I have to admit, I didn’t know who he was at that time, but I was completely hooked. Since then, I hadn’t gotten the chance to see him again.  Besides from listening to some of his productions, he wasn’t really on my radar anymore. So I was very excited to see that he would be playing at Robert Johnson in Offenbach.

Lauer introduced the night with up-beat and fun tunes. He was followed by Chinaski’s  incredible, dynamic live-set that was super energetic and kept the crowd mesmerized until Mano Le Tough’s set began.

Mano Le Tough started off his set with a low deep house track. You could tell that he was going to take the crowd on a journey and that this was just the beginning of it. With subtle, rhythmic tunes he continued to build up the excitement.

It was one of those sets that capture you from the first second and don’t let you go. Only sometimes you wonder how you got where you are now and how it all transformed. Mano Le Tough selected a great variety of tracks that blended really well together and added dimension to his set. From up-beat techno tracks like Bjarki’s “I Wanna Go Bang” to  a handful of very emotional, sentimental tracks that got the whole crowd aware and reflecting. His smooth mixing enhances his control over the crowd that was willing to be lead and wouldn’t leave the dance floor before 7am.

Overall Mano Le Tough managed to create a beautiful, multi-faceted set that was certainly a lot of fun to dance to but also got you dreaming and thinking at the same time. To me Mano Le Tough is still seemingly underrated. His set has supposedly been my favorite so far this year. I’m excited to experience him live again soon.

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