Event: Job Jobse at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

It was “Fries before guys” time again at Robert Johnson, the LGBTQI party that happens every couple of months and this time with no other than Job Jobse. And as always the mood was good and the wooden floor packed with all different kinds of people. Massimiliano Pagliara started the night with cheerful tracks till Job Jobse took over to entertain us for a couple of hours. I’ve been a fan of Job Jobse for quite a while now and since he’s DJing at big festivals like Melt! and Dekmantel he is no longer a stranger outside the Amsterdam music scene.

The great thing about Job Jobse is that he digs out all the good classics as well as unique, unknown tracks that even can be a bit weird or funny. His sound is groovy, daring and a bit flirty at times. And that night he delivered the typical “Fries before guys” sound that everyone was hoping for: danceable tunes, good vibes and sexy rhythms paired with a good amount of well-known bangers like “Relax- Frankie goes to Hollywood” or “You Spin Me Round – Dead or Alive”. And the crowd certainly loved it. You could tell that Job Jobse was having a good time, too. He was partying with the crowd and not afraid to high-five the people in the first row. His sets are always fun, entertaining and a nice kind of weird.

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