Club Review: A Sunny Saturday at Heideglühen, Berlin

Berlin is overflowing with techno clubs all over the city and still has one of the most unique nightlife worldwide. It still manages to fascinate me every single time I’m there and although I’ve just seen the tiniest part of its club scene there are a number of clubs I absolutely love. The club Heideglühen in Wedding sticks out a bit next to Berlin’s famous Berghain or glittery, worn-down techno houses. Let me tell you what I think is so unique about it till that day.

I first heard about Heideglühen from people I met at another club in Berlin. Although I was not new to the scene, I hadn’t heard of the club before. It’s situated in Wedding but the address cannot be found online which keeps it hidden from tourists that got rejected at Berghain. It’s situated right by the big river Spree and is a beautiful outside location as most Berlin clubs are. It is usually opened every few weeks and you’ll be informed over the line-up and dates via their newsletter. I always visit the place early Saturday mornings and stay throughout the day till it closes in the evening at 8pm. To special occasions and on holidays it sometimes stays open for the whole weekend. Heideglühen is definitely a place you want to visit on a chill, sunny weekend. That’s what I love about it so much- you can have the most relaxed day in the sun and still have a good rave at the same time.

The door-policy is quite strict however, as they try to keep the club as protected and exclusive as possible – but not in an arrogant way. The staff and bouncers really try to get to know you and if you come early, have been there before or know some people inside, you’ve usually got good chances at getting in. And as soon as you get inside, you get captured by the amazing atmosphere of this place. Heideglühen stands for absolute good vibes. From the friendly staff that is dancing as well, the mood that never drops throughout the day to the happy house sounds played there. Although it has only one big floor with a glass ceiling and a big balcony, and a smaller floor that is not open on every event, it doesn’t get boring there so easily. I just love the friendly atmosphere of this place. Everyone is genuinely in a good mood all day, everyone is enjoying the music and having a lovely time. It’s definitely a great place to meet nice people from all over the world. And it’s the kind of place where you’ll meet these people again and they will recognize you. Heideglühen feels like a family, like a big exclusive house-party that you weren’t really invited to but you still feel welcomed. It feels like everyone knows everyone and they sort of do. People wear glitter in their face, colorful fun dresses, still it doesn’t feel like people are dressing up or anything – you can definitely embrace your true colors there.

The music is always fantastic and if you get sick of the typical Berlin techno and tech-house you can get your fair share of fresh house tunes at Heideglühen. And although usually there are not the most famous names on the line-up, there can be DJs like Palms Trax, Job Jobse or Call Super on the schedule if you’re lucky. The club has a great sound-system and what amazes me the most every single time is the high-energy level on the dance floor that lasts throughout the whole Saturday. People are cheering and dancing and partying in the sun and at some points you are scared the glass ceiling might burst from all the positive energy. People are waving down from the balcony or sitting outside in the sun. Everything is about having a great, peaceful time. What is really special is when you stay till the very end, when it gets dark. The atmosphere of the club changes drastically but it is absolutely amazing to end the night with everyone in that way. And although it is sad that the great day is coming to an end the whole crowd is celebrating it again together till we all part and come together at the next Heide.

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